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Welcome to the AudienceBloom Resource Center! We’ve compiled our best tools, eBooks, and white papers here for you. If you’re having trouble with any particular element of your online marketing strategy, refer to any of the resources below for comprehensive overviews, recommendations, and walkthroughs. Each resource has been written and published by our CEO, Jayson DeMers. We hope you find these resources helpful!

Chapter 1: Website Setup

In Chapter 1, you'll learn how to set up a website that looks awesome, turns visitors into leads, and allows you to quickly and easily execute a strategic content marketing strategy. You'll learn why WordPress is our officially-recommend CMS, our top 9 plugins that will boost your online marketing campaign, and how to build your website with optimal SEO elements in mind.

Chapter 2: Responsive Design & Mobile

Chapter 2 contains resources designed to help you optimize your website from a mobile perspective. Mobile optimization is critical for success with today's smartphone and tablet-savvy consumers. Furthermore, Google and Bing are adjusting their algorithms to reward websites that are mobile-optimized by ranking them higher in search results.

Chapter 3: Analytics Setup

Chapter 3 will teach you the importance of using analytics software to measure and track your online marketing campaign. You'll also learn exactly what analytics programs we recommend, and detailed walkthroughs for how to implement each in your marketing initiative.

Chapter 4: SEO Fundamentals & Basic Training

We call Chapter 4 "Basic Training" because it's basically a boot camp for everything you need to know about SEO. Before you can start implementing our recommended SEO tactics (which we'll get to in later chapters), you need to understand the what, why, and how of SEO.

Chapter 5: Other Online Marketing Basics

Chapter 5 is your basic training for other online marketing fundamentals aside from SEO. You'll learn how email marketing, PPC, customer testimonials, copywriting, headlines, and calls to action impact your online marketing initiative, as well as best practices for implementing each.

Chapter 6: Advanced SEO

After graduating from Chapter 4 and 5, you're ready for Chapter 6, in which you'll learn advanced SEO strategies, concepts, and tactics. You'll learn about industry conferences, the SEO value of press releases, SEO penalties, significant Google algorithm updates, co-citation, co-occurrence, and other advanced SEO concepts.

Chapter 7: Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird

Chapter 7 dives deeper into the details of three of Google's most recent, significant, and well-known algorithm updates: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. You'll learn the history of each algorithm update, how frequently each algorithm is refreshed by Google, how each impacts organic search results, and how to mitigate the risk of being flagged by any of these algorithms.

Chapter 8: Content Strategy

Chapter 8 contains resources that will help you define and understand your target audience, and publish content that will attract, grow, and nurture that audience. Content strategy is the meat and potatoes of modern SEO; a strategic, well-executed content strategy is absolutely essential to a successful SEO campaign.

Chapter 9: Keyword Research

Chapter 9 contains resources to help you design and execute a keyword research strategy, which is the first step of a successful SEO campaign. Keyword research is the foundation upon which your content strategy will be focused, so this step is crucial.

Chapter 10: Onsite SEO

Chapter 10 contains resources that will help you optimize your website from an onsite SEO perspective. You'll learn proper navigation structure, content architecture, HTML code meta elements, and how keywords should fit into on-page content.

Chapter 11: Local SEO

Chapter 11 is designed to give brick-and-mortar businesses all the information necessary to dominate local competition. You'll learn how to compete for local search results, which is handy if you serve a specific geographic region (ie, restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, etc.).

Chapter 12: Link Building

Chapter 12 covers the most time consuming, frustrating, and difficult aspect of any SEO campaign: link building. Inbound links are difficult to acquire, but in this section you'll find step-by-step walkthroughs for effective tactics that will do much more than just build links; you'll also build brand awareness, authority, and credibility.

Chapter 13: Social Media

Chapter 13 contains resources that will teach you the importance of social media with regard to an SEO campaign, how it fits into your overall marketing initiative, how to execute a successful social media campaign, and how to measure and track results using specialized analytics.

Chapter 14: Branding

Chapter 14 will teach you how to build a successful brand. You'll learn the common characteristics of all successful brands, the difference between your personal brand and your business brand, and how to build each one. You'll learn how your employees affect your brand image, and how to leverage gamification to spice up your brand as well as audience engagement.

Chapter 15: Business & Entrepreneur Insights

Chapter 15 contains resources useful for business owners and entrepreneurs. You'll learn how to manage and reduce stress, tools to become more efficient, and how to leverage principles from psychology to drive conversions.

Chapter 16: Looking Ahead at the Future of Marketing

Chapter 16 contains insights and predictions with regard to the future of online marketing. You'll learn why SEO costs more now than ever before (and why that trend will continue), online marketing trends, social media trends, content marketing trends, and how to prepare for Google's future algorithm updates.

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