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Brand Mentions

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starAre you prepared for the future of link building? Sometimes, you need more than just links; you need brand exposure. We’re here to help.

Why Brand Mentions Matter

Google’s algorithms are able to measure your site’s authority based on how many natural mentions of your brand, with or without a link, are on the Web. Brand mentions:

What We Do

We leverage our vast array of publisher relationships and work with you to acquire strategic, valuable brand mentions
from topically relevant articles on major publishers with established authority.

iStep 1: We source a diverse selection of different publishers related to your industry.
We only work with publishers who have:

We form a partnership with these publishers, building a relationship based on amazing content.

pencilStep 2: We write an intelligent, resourceful, informational article to publish on each selected publisher Website.

Our writing standards are extremely high and our content is objectively written, so the piece draws respect and interest. It’s not a promotional piece. Quality is our top priority—our own relationships with these publishers depend on top-notch quality.

balloonStep 3: Within the body of that article, we’ll include a quote

—provided by you or written by us—or other acceptable mention of your brand, presenting you as an industry authority in a proper context. The purpose is not to acquire a link, but rather for the mention, visibility, search engine authority, and referral traffic.

paperStep 4: Finally, we submit the article for publication

—either with or without an accompanying link, depending on the balance required by your individual strategy—so you can benefit from the increased referral traffic and enjoy the improved search engine visibility.

How is Audience Bloom Different?

We proudly have established relationships with higher-quality publishers than any of our competitors. Our clients have been featured on,,, and many, many more. Nobody else has relationships with the top-quality publishers that we do. This means we can get you better, more valuable brand mentions.

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