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Infographic Design & Promotion Services

Infographics are a fantastic way of generating thousands of powerful backlinks by means of viral content. By creating a relevant and strategic design packed with useful and fun-to-read facts, we are building a powerful piece of content that will snowball into a link-building magnet.

Infographics are one of the more popular forms of "link bait"; they are easy for people to share, fun for their visitors to read, and webmasters can't resist posting them up on their website!

So how does the backlink aspect work? Every time somebody posts your infographic, they must credit the source (you) of the Infographic with a link.

We make it very easy for your infographic to spread by including an embed code form in with your Infographic code; this means every time someone posts your infographic, they are inviting their readers to embed the same infographic on their blog! Don't be surprised if this viral promotion generates hundreds of high-authority backlinks in a day from a single infographic.

Infographic Samples

Here are some samples of infographics we have built for some of our recent clients:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people love infographics?

There are a number of distinct reasons as to why infographics are so catchy. They're simple, and they break down information to nothing but numbers. Some of them even look pretty. Due to the way that infographics break down information, they're easy for anyone to understand. That means a good infographic can be understood regardless of how educated the person reading the material actually is. The fact that infographics are catchy amongst most groups of people is why they're such an amazing way to gain a large number of links back to your website in a short period of time. A well-deployed infographic can be used to not only establish the trustworthiness of your company with people, but it can be a great way to gain authority in the eyes of search engines.

How does an infographic work as a link building strategy?

The basic setup for an infographic is to have both an infographic and a way to share that infographic. You want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to just copy and paste a line of HTML code that they can insert into forum posts, websites and more. This allows you to both gain recognition for your infographic and the backlinks from the text above or below your infographic that you define for readers to spread. If everything goes well, then you could very well have at least a few thousand links pointing back to your website overnight. The problem is that it doesn't always go well. You need a quality infographic and it needs to be interesting. You also need to know where to seed it to be spread, such as the right forums and social networking websites, in order to see any measurable effect. Furthermore, many infographics are time sensitive and have an expiration date before which they need to be spread.

How can you help?

We're experts in infographic design and we know how to promote each one to its maximum potential. Ready to get started with your infographic marketing campaign? Drop us a line or take a look at our infographic samples!

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