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Link Profile Audit, Removal & Disavowal

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auditWhat is a link profile audit?

We’ll download a list of all the links to your website, using data from your Google Webmaster
Tools account (if you don’t have one, we’ll help you set it up). Next, we’ll thoroughly analyze each
link to identify which ones could be harming your website in the search rankings.

eyeHow will a link profile audit help me recover from my penalty?

Google Penguin is an algorithm update that specifically looks for unnatural inbound links to your website. If the algorithm detects too many links that it considers to be unnaturally-obtained (ie, manipulative or spammy), your website could be penalized in the rankings. The only way to remove this penalty is by identifying and removing and/or disavowing enough of these unnatural links. That’s what we will do for you with our link audit & removal services.

processHow long will the process take?

Typically, 2-3 weeks to complete the audit. After we’ve completed the audit, we’ll present you with an excel spreadsheet outlining our results, including a specific list of links that we believe are harmful to your rankings. Upon your approval, we’ll proceed to attempt to remove each link. This process takes another 1-2 weeks. All in all, the process takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

deliverablesWhat deliverables will I get?

We’ll deliver you an Excel spreadsheet that presents an overview of our analysis and recommendations, along with a comprehensive breakdown of relevant data regarding your inbound links (such as anchor text breakdowns, referring domains, domain diversity, and other useful information).


goalDoes it work?matt-cutts-twitter

It has worked for many of our clients. Ultimately, it’s up to Google whether your website’s penalty will be removed, but Google’s own Matt Cutts has even recommended our process in this tweet:

What’s the process for recovering from a Google Penguin penalty?

Step 1: We’ll conduct a backlink profile audit in order to identify exactly which links to remove or disavow.

Step 2: If you’d like us to attempt to remove the links, we’ll do so at a rate of $2 per unique domain identified in the audit.

Step 3: We’ll visit each domain and attempt to gather contact information. If we are able to find contact information for a domain, we’ll proceed with an outreach effort. If not, we’ll note in a spreadsheet that we were unable to find contact information for that particular domain, and flag it for disavowal.

Step 4: One outreach is one email sent or contact form submitted with a carefully-worded request to remove the link. After one month, we’ll deliver you an Excel spreadsheet of the links that we attempted to remove, as well as whether we were successful at getting each one removed or not. We can’t guarantee any links will be removed, since that’s completely up to the discretion of each webmaster (we don’t control the links).

Step 5: Any links that we were unable totalk-bubbles
remove will be disavowed.

Step 6: We’ll file a reconsideration request for your website. At this point, it’ll be up to Google to decide whether to remove the penalty or not. If Google declines to remove the penalty, we’ll consult with you on the proper next steps.



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