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SEO Audits

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deskThe first step of any good SEO campaign is ensuring that your onsite content is optimized.
All our clients receive complimentary homepage SEO audits, but what if your website has issues
that extend beyond just the homepage? What if you need a complete, comprehensive website audit to
identify hidden issues that might be bringing down your rankings or preventing your content from
being indexed?

That’s where we come in.

Our actionable SEO audits address key ranking elements, from Title tags and keyword rich content to link growth and social signals. For each of the ranking components that we analyze, we then provide specific action items to fix what’s wrong, along with industry best practices to help you on your way.

A typical deep SEO audit addresses the following areas:


On-Site SEO Analysis
On-site SEO is the foundation of your online presence, and should be as close to perfect as possible. We analyze the key areas on your site where search engines look for keywords and topical signals.


Link Profile Analysis
Roughly two-thirds of the ranking algorithm is tied to link related signals. We’ll analyze your link profile and compare it to your top ranking competitors to determine where you’re site is falling short and how to improve.


Indexing Analysis
In order to rank for your content, search engines need to be able to find and correctly index it. We analyze the technical elements to make sure that nothing is preventing search engines from getting to your content.


Social Signal Analysis
Social signals are a growing part of the ranking algorithm, and we look at your social presence to determine if you’re
sending the correct signals.

Deep Audit Deliverables:


SEO Audit Document
The finished audit is delivered as an enhanced PDF, with specific recommendations and a variety of screenshots and links to additional resources to help you to better understand and fix the various problems we identify.


Keyword Research Document
Our approach to keyword research is second to none, and looks at things such as searcher intent, primary and secondary meanings, as well current and past search volume. This finished keyword research document accompanies all of our SEO audits.


Site Crawl Report
We use a customized software tool to crawl your website the same way that Google does. This allows us to provide page-specific recommendations for each page on the site that is reachable by a search engine.

Deep SEO Audit

With our deep SEO audit, no stone goes unturned, and we’ll document our findings and recommendations thoroughly, as well as go over them with you. In order to perform the most accurate audit possible, we’ll need access to your web analytics platform (and to Google Webmaster Tools if possible).

We’ll conduct a thorough website audit, identify problems, diagnose issues, and deliver precise, specific remedial recommendations. A post-audit phone consultation and walkthrough is also available.

Here are some elements we’ll audit:

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