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10 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s Blog

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Blogging provides an easy, cheap, and effective method of website advertising, but it can be disappointing if our efforts don’t begin to pan out as we had hoped. We must not forget to utilize the unique opportunity blogs give us to entertain and engage website visitors. Because blogging has become extremely popular, it must be done very well for a website owner to enjoy the full benefits. Frequent posts, quality content, making use of social outlets, and proper planning set great blogs apart from the rest and drive in traffic. The list below breaks these ideas into ten easy ways to improve your blog for maximum advertising potential.

#1 Have A Very Specific Theme


Plan your blog around one topic, such as baking cakes, and then make it more specific. It can be cakes for weddings, floral cakes for weddings, or groom’s cakes for weddings. You want people to choose your blog and website. The more general it is, the more your blog can get lost in the crowd. If you already have an established blog, you can narrow your current topic field to one that is more specific.

#2 Take Your Visitors Into Consideration

For the best plans and upgrades, list the types of people you assume will find your website and blog useful. In the case of the wedding cake blog, you could plan on engaged women looking for a potential wedding cake, wedding planners, other cake blog owners, and the general public to enjoy your blog. Consider and prioritize these groups to streamline your blogging efforts for the best design, content, and organization.

#3 Frequently Post Quality Content

The more you post, the more fun the blog will be for return visitors and the more search engines will see and share your blog. Aim to post anywhere from daily to once a week. These posts need to consist of unique, quality content that people want to read. So, if you feel you can’t crank out quality posts every day, it is okay to focus on every three days or every week. You should always use social media to advertise your latest post, but it is particularly helpful for continuing to draw attention to weekly posts.

#4 Make Sure Your Blog is SEO Optimized

You can use the words in your blog posts to drive traffic to your site. Keywords are words that often get searched, such as auto parts or celebrity hairstyles. Features on your blog editor, Google Adword Keyword Planner, and many special keyword services online let you perform a simple search to find the best keywords to effortlessly drive traffic to your site. Write your post normally so that it is readable, because that is what the blog post is for. Keep the keywords in mind when writing so that you might word something strategically or take the post in a direction you hadn’t originally intended.

#5 Interact On Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media outlets make insanely easy traffic boosters, and you are probably already using them. You could advertise each blog post on your Facebook account, or create a new account specifically for the website or blog. Follow people with a reason to be interested in your blog, and they will likely follow you in return. Share content from other people that is relevant to your blog. Comment on people’s responses to you and to other blogs and social media accounts to get exposure and make an instant visitor connection. The more interactive you can be, the more others will want to engage in viewing, using, and buying what you want to share.

#6 Set Realistic Blogging Goals

Advice for any successful venture involves goal-setting. As should be done with all goals, plan many small milestones on the way to large achievements. This helps you easily and accurately measure success, and it keeps you motivated. With a blog, goals you may want to set include acquiring new followers, a certain number of clicks, a certain number of views, views from a new source, a new amount of items sold from clicks, and a set amount of items that people shared. There are many more goal-setting possibilities, but these represent some of the most desired goals of bloggers.

#7 Branch Out Into Guest Blogging

Guest blogging means that you write a post for use on another person’s blog or get another blogger to write a guest post for your blog. This is a great way to get noticed and add quality, frequent content. Viewers of one blog will find out about the other blogger. They get the bonus of new content to enjoy, and both blogs will benefit from the shared exposure.

#8 Comment, Comment, Comment

When people comment to something on your blog, make a respectful comment. This is a ridiculously easy way to keep visitors returning and give new readers the sense that you have a thriving, engaging blog. Writing useful responses on other blogs will provide you with free and instant publicity. This same idea can be applied to commenting on forums and other internet groups. You want to build meaningful internet relations and make a name for yourself while slipping a helpful link in there.

#9 Provide Things People Will Want To Share

articleimage45Provide Things People Will Want To Share

When coming up with blog post ideas, keep in mind what people will be likely to share, repin, link to, or email to friends. This may give you a new post idea, get you to add in some more information to a post you hadn’t thought of, or have you word something a different way. This tactic entices your readers to publicize your blog for you and gives them something to do on your blog instead of simply reading words. The more engaged they feel, the more they’ll enjoy your blog, and you get the benefits.

#10 Link It Up

Linking to other blogs and websites provides many benefits with minimal effort. The person you link to will see your blog, they may link back to you, and readers will enjoy this extra information you are offering them. When you get links back from other blogs and websites, it serves two purposes. Not only have you acquired one link that everyone who views the other blog will see, but search engines will rank your blog higher in their listings depending on the number of quality sites you have linking back to you. Providing links in your posts to other posts helps people find more things they like on your blog and gets each post more visibility.

All of these points have two things in common, they bring in views and give visitors something worthwhile to see. So, keep these concepts in mind and try some or all of the ten pointers to easily drive interested visitors to your blog and website. Blogs require a little time and effort, but they offer you quality traffic and even give you new ideas to improve your business or project. Don’t give up if your blog has had a lackluster response so far. Commenting, linking, changing post strategies, increasing the amount you post, setting goals, and building a name for yourself will make it more worthwhile than you even imagined.

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George Nielsen

George Nielsen has been in the internet marketing game since 2008 and is passionate about helping businesses use SEO and inbound marketing to generate leads online. He has a B.S. in Marketing Management, loves fishing, and is a big football fan.

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