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10 Reasons to Love the New iOS Google Analytics App

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iPhone and iPad users have cause for celebration. The Google Analytics app long beloved by Android users finally have access to all of its mobile data goodness. The iOS version was just released and it’s pretty similar to the Android version. In fact, it’s pretty similar to the browser version, which I think is great. There’s virtually no learning curve here, so site owners can dive into data analysis from the moment they download the app.

So, why should you care? Try on these 10 must-download reasons for size:

1. Slick Presentation

articleimage346Slick Presentation

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the new Google Analytics app actually looks nice. Really nice, in fact. It’s got a sleek design that is totally mobile-optimized. This was intentional. The design is completely in tune with the other Google iOS apps including Google Webmaster Tools and Adwords. It’s everything you love about the web version but optimized for mobile.

2. Familiar Interface

articleimage346 Familiar Interface

Even though Analytics is redesigned with mobile in mind here, it’s also very familiar. That is, people who use the web version day in and day out won’t suddenly feel like a fish out of water. Quite the contrary. Everything is still where it’s always been, in particular the lefthand navigation on reports. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and just get down to the business of data analysis already!

3. Mobile Access

Yes, yes, Android users have been able to access their Google Analytics data on-the-go for two years now but the convenience of access for iOS users can’t be overstated. Now the full-breadth of the mobile user base can access their analytics data from anywhere at anytime. I mean, who hasn’t had the urge to check their site stats late at night while in bed at one time or another? Just me…?

4. Full Google Analytics Access

Just because this is a mobile version of Analytics, that doesn’t mean functionality has been scaled back. In fact, everything you’d expect is there. You get the full scope of Google Analytics features and functions on tap. In case you need a reminder, the information you can view includes the number of people who’ve visited your site, traffic sources, page views, conversions, behavior insights, and more.

5. It’s An All-in-One Solution

articleimage346 It's An All-in-One Solution

There are several apps out there that tap into the Google Analytics framework but there’s only one official solution. And it’s also an all-in-one solution. Instead of piecemealing your data from multiple sources, it’s gathered together for you all in one place. Only one app needed. And seriously, anything that lets me streamline the number of apps I need to use each day, is a good value in my book.

6. Real-Time Data

The real-time reports are by far the best thing about the iOS app. You can select time frames for your reports or they can be generated in real-time. You can monitor site activity while it’s happening, even if you’re not sitting at your computer, which is pretty neat if you ask me. This way, you know exactly how your site is doing at any given time.

The overview screen will give you a nice snapshot of how your site is fairing at the moment in a variety of ways. Then you can click through each report to view a more detailed view of these metrics. The reports are presented as different cards that can be clicked. You can add segment filtering, too.

7. Track a Marketing Event As It Happens

The real-time data is so good, it had to be featured on our list twice! One of the biggest benefits of real-time reporting is that it allows marketers to watch a site to see the effect of a marketing campaign as it launches. Or you can see the effect of a specific social media post as it goes live. The possibilities are virtually limitless here and that’s the point. Real-time data gives site owners and marketers a greater opportunity to be innovative in their marketing practices since they can see their effect immediately.

8. It Includes App Data

The launch of the iOS app comes on the heels of Google’s launch of its mobile Analytics software last month. And of course, these reports are integrated into the app. So, you can easily monitor the progress of your apps as well within the same interface.

The three key metrics the mobile analytics platform measures are acquisition and user metrics, engagement, and outcome. You can quickly see app views or profiles. In fact, it’s included on the main overview screen that displays the cards for your primary reports.

9. It’s a Good Back Up Plan

It’s always a good idea to have an alternative means to access your data. So, even if you’re away from your computer, it crashes, or you don’t have Internet access at the moment for one reason or another, you can get to it via your iPhone over your cell network.

When you’re a marketer or your run an online business, you need to have access to your data at all times. This app offers the perfect solution. I mean, yeah you could probably load up Analytics in your mobile browser but it would be a royal pain to navigate. Mobile optimization wins all the way here.

10. Perfect for Meetings and Elevator Pitches

I think the best reason to love the new iOS Google Analytics app is tied up in its potential. I can best explain this via example, so bear with me:

Imagine you’re at a conference somewhere. You’re surrounded by fellow industry professionals. You want to make a good impression, of course. And one of the things you’re most proud of is your site stats. You totally rocked it over the past six months and a site that was doing just so-so for its market sector has taken off. Page views are up. Conversions are up. Seriously, all of your charts show an upward trend.

Now let’s say you run into someone that owns a business that would make a killer partner. We’re talking profit potential out the wazoo here. And while you can talk a good game, it would be a real shame if you have no solid evidence on your hands to prove your success on the conference floor.

But if you have the Google Analytics app installed on your phone, you can just pull that out, draw up one of your reports and watch your potential partner’s face light up with obvious glee. Or you could show him a real-time report and be even more impressive. How cool would that be?

Really, if you’re an iOS user and manage websites, there’s no question you need this app. What are you waiting for? Get to downloading!

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