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10 Tricks to Get Ahold of the Editor for a Website or Blog

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Whether you are looking to get in touch with an editor of your favorite political blog or if you want to submit a piece of your own to your favorite website or content curator, getting in touch with an editor is not always a simple task, especially for a high-traffic website or high-profile editor. Getting to know a few tricks to help with getting a hold of any just about any editor for a website or blog can help you to gain exposure while getting any message you intend to out there for others to see.

articleimage171Have a Clear Message in Mind

Have a Clear Message in Mind

Any time you want to send a message to an editor, whether you are pitching yourself as a freelance writer or if you are looking for other potential opportunities, having a clear message in mind is one of the best ways to remain focused on your objective. Create a list of goals you have in mind before reaching out to an editor and forming any message or email. It is also important to create a draft to look over before sending it off officially. Keep in mind the voice and tone you integrate into any message you want to send to an editor based on their own writing style and personality.

articleimage171Implement a Professional Signature

Implement a Professional Signature

Implement a professional signature into any email you send to an editor for a website or blog to show you are also professional and representing a business or a brand, even if it is for yourself. The more professional you appear, the more likely to are to receive a response, especially if the editor believes he or she has something to gain from continuing a professional relationship with you.

Use a Professional Email Address

Use a professional email address from your own domain or website or from another site such as Gmail. Avoid using AOL and MSN emails, as these are considered less professional and more outdated in today’s internet world. Using a professional email address can also help to keep the attention of an editor who may be receiving hundreds of email submissions each day, which are difficult to keep track of individually over time without some standing out.

articleimage171Have a Professional Website or Portfolio

Have a Professional Website or Portfolio

Build a professional website or online portfolio to represent yourself and to be taken seriously by anyone you choose to contact, including editors of online blogs and websites. Having a professional online website and official portfolio helps to boost your credibility, thus increasing your chances of receiving a personal response from any editor you want to contact. Launching a website to represent yourself professionally not only helps you to appear more credible, but it also assists you with standing out to editors who are only looking to work with those who are professional or experienced in the industry you are working in or representing. The more time and effort you put into editing and maintaining your website regularly, the easier it is to find potential editors to work with or to take on any pitches and proposals you have in mind and want to share professionally.

Build a Social Media Presence

Building an online social media presence is also a must when you want to effectively reach out to various online editors of blogs and websites today. Reaching out to editors using social media and your online website is much easier with more followers and online “klout”, or impact. The more impact and influence you have, the more likely you are to receive responses from editors who will take you seriously.

Creating social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Intagram, Tumblr, Vine and even Pinterest helps to drastically increase your online influence and the potential for online followers and fans. Any time you create an official online social media page for your business or brand, keeping the same name is essential when you are looking to build your brand’s overall reputation and credibility.

Research Your Editor’s Personal Life

Researching your editor’s personal life is another way for you to get more involved with understanding how to better communicate with editors you want to work with in the future professionally. Researching your editor’s personal life is a way for you to discover potential connections you can use when communicating with one another.

Make a Connection With the Editor

When you are pitching to an editor and you have researched their own history and type of work they are involved with, incorporating a connection you have together is ideal to help with building a more professional relationship. Integrating some form of connection can help you to stand out from countless letters and emails editors receive daily or weekly regarding various positions and opportunities that other individuals are also seeking similar to you. Helping yourself stand out can be done by building a personal relationship to help editors remember you and what you have to say.

Share Your Thoughts Via Social Media

Sharing your thoughts via social media can help you to promote any type of response you are looking for from a specific editor. When you are reaching out to your followers and fans using social media, it is now possible to ask them for helps with “shares”, “likes”, and “retweets” depending on the social platforms you have chosen to use for your own brand, website or professional reputation. The more you update your social media pages, the bigger your reach ultimately is, allowing you to have additional impact and influence online.

Reach Out Using Email and Social Media

You can also choose to reach out to editors directly with social media, specifically using Twitter. The more followers you have on Twitter, the more likely you are to receive a genuine response from editors you want to contact, as having more followers means you ultimately have more influence over what you publish and say about others, including the editors themselves. Building the number of followers you have on Twitter can be done by thoroughly researching and understanding any industry you are working in or currently represent. Tweeting and updating social media profiles consistently and frequently also helps to boost the number of followers and fans you have altogether.

Follow Up if Necessary

Following up with an editor after two weeks can also be done if you have not received a response and if you are truly interested in pursuing the content you have emailed in the past. Following up is not always recommended if you do not want to pester the editor or if you have communicated with them in the past but you have not received a response. Finding another editor is also possible, regardless of the publication you are interested in.

Knowing how to go about getting a hold of an editor for a blog or website of your choice is a way for you to save time while ensuring you are maximizing your reach with any message you want to send. Whether you are pitching a new piece to an online magazine or if you want to run a comment to an editor regarding another brand or website you are promoting, knowing what to say and how to do it can ultimately allow you more opportunities in the future.

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