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15 Tools We Love to Monitor Our SEO Progress

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Whether you’re just an SEO enthusiast or a full-fledged pro, one thing remains for certain: you need to have the right tools for the job on hand if you want to do it right. To help aid you in that quest, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 tools we use to monitor and manage our SEO progress. We hope they’re as helpful for you as they’ve been for us. Enjoy!

1. Moz Pro



If you’re looking for a truly all-in-one solution, Moz Pro is a good option. It includes robust analytics that help you keep track of all things search, social media, and content. It also has research tools that allow you to analyze your competitors through link profiles, brand mentions, and more. Finally, Moz Pro provides insights for how to better optimize your site. It’s on the pricey side but all in all, a well put together collection of tools.

2. Advanced Web Ranking

To improve your search engine rank and gain valuable insights into where you currently stand, Advanced Web Ranking is a must-have. Track your site rank, view local rankings, monitor competitors and unlimited keywords, and create branded SEO reports using this collection of tools. It’s available as a web app and a desktop tool (with more features) for greater flexibility.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

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It’s straightforward and easy to use. That’s what makes the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool such a good pick. This desktop app is lightweight so it won’t bog down your system all the while crawling website links, CSS, images, apps and more for invaluable SEO info. It helps you spot onsite issues and is perfect for larger sites where a manual audit would be next to impossible.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush was developed with SEO professionals in mind, which makes sense since it was developed by people in the industry. The tools offered here collect SERP data for over 106 million keywords from websites all over the Internet, which enables them to provide the most accurate data for organic search positions, CPC, landing URLs, and more.

5. Whitespark



If you need to keep tabs on local SEO in particular, Whitespark is the tool for you. It has everything you need to keep tabs on how you’re doing locally like a rank tracker, citation finder, link prospector, and conversion tracker. It also offers a generator for creating handouts that make it simple for customers to leave reviews. As Google’s algorithm keeps changing, local SEO is becoming increasingly important, which means the value of this tool does as well.


If you need to run SEO experiments, SERPS should be your go-to tool. It’s web-based so you don’t have to run anything extra on your desktop and it provides daily keyword rankings to keep tabs on your progress in real-time. Plus, it automatically updates your metrics so you’re constantly getting a fresh view of your progress in your dashboard – which offers info about your traffic, rankings, current tests, and more all in one spot.

7. Searchmetrics

More and more SEO tools are taking social media into account and it’s no wonder why: social is intrinsically tied up in your SERP now. That’s why Searchmetrics is such a useful tool. It provides analytics for SEO, backlinks, and social media all within one interface. Run domain analysis or evaluate your competitors. Conduct backlink profile analysis that includes categorization. It’s comprehensive and used by brands like Siemens and Crate & Barrel. You can’t go wrong here.

8. Raven Tools

Another great option is Raven Tools, which is a full-fledged Internet marketing software that allows you to create campaigns and sync related accounts for easier management and monitoring. From there, you can use the suite of collected marketing tools to research keywords and competitors, manage your social media and PPC accounts, and analyze your results. It does the work of many different pieces of software, which we particularly like.

9. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a really nice link building tool that makes it pretty straightforward to automate the process of researching link prospects so you can spend more of your time reaching out to them and building relationships. It also comes equipped with PR and social media tools for better managing relationships with industry influencers on social. It keeps your contacts organized and readily accessible at all times, too.

10. Wordtracker

Do you need to figure out what keywords would be the best to optimize for on your latest website? Then Wordtracker is a tool you need to know about. It helps you pinpoint the best performing keywords in your niche within minutes after starting a basic search. Often, it helps you find keywords that are doing well without a ton of competition. And as any SEO knows, that’s the most coveted thing you can come across.

11. Ahrefs

What can I say about Ahrefs that hasn’t already been said by dozens of others? For starters, this Backlink Checker makes it easy to see where a site is getting its backlinks from. Then this information can be distilled into reports for convenient distribution. Other features include batch analysis for hundreds of URLs at a time and SEO reports for improving onsite optimization. This one really packs a punch.

12. SEOBook

SEOBook offers a wide range of free and paid tools for SEO professionals. For instance, there are Firefox extensions including the SEO Toolbar, Rank Checker, and SEO for Firefox, which embeds SEO info into search results. And then there are free web-based tools like the Spider Test Tool and Keyword Suggestion Tool. Finally, SEOBook offers premium tools that are well worth their price like the Duplicate Content Checker and Local Rank. You can spend a lot of time browsing through all of these tools, but it’s highly recommended that you do.

13. Authority Labs

This SEO software lets you view SEO ranking reports every single day so you’ll never again have to wonder how you’re doing. Authority Labs allows you to automate your campaign monitoring functions and includes other highly useful features like competitor tracking and local rank tracking, to boot. You also have the option of white labeling the interface for a more cohesive feel for your team.

14. Open Site Explorer

We already talked about Moz Pro, but Moz also offers a series of free tools. One of those tools is Open Site Explorer. Dubbed the “search engine for links,” this tool lets you research your back link profile as compared to your competitors. It includes social media activity and anchor text info, too, so you can gather even further insights into your campaign’s progress.

15. Google Analytics

Where would any of us be without Google Analytics? Seriously, this free tool is something we come back to time and time again to track website traffic, mobile app data, conversions and more, all within one convenient dashboard. And now with mobile versions available for iOS and Android, it’s a tool you can take with you anywhere to impress any client.

This list barely scratches the surface of the SEO tools out there right now. But these are some of the best of the best that we’ve personally found useful over the years. Hopefully, they help you better manage your next SEO campaign.

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