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25 Methods to Build Links From Quality Websites

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Building links is one of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a website. Utilizing realistic steps on how to build inbound links can prove to be hugely beneficial. It’s important to take your time when building links and to understand that quality is everything. It’s understandable that you may want to attempt to receive tons of inbound links as quickly as possible, but the only way to ensure that the process is completed successfully is by being thorough. As such, here are 25 proven methods to build links from quality websites.

articleimage209Write and Create Interesting Blog Content

1. Write and Create Interesting Blog Content

Creating blog content that is interesting and insightful is one of the core aspects of building links. Write articles that are fun and quirky, and you will soon have readers referencing and linking your article.

2. Create Blog Content on a Consistent Basis

While creating blog content is important, you ultimately want customers to keep coming back and continue linking your articles and posts, which is why it’s essential to create blog content on a timely and consistent basis, leaving your user-base well satisfied.

articleimage209 Ask Others for Reviews

3. Ask Others for Reviews

If your site or product has received recent upgrades, it’s important to ask critics and customers to review these changes and your site on their own, creating inbound links to your content.

4. Write Reviews

Writing reviews for new products, such as books and cd’s, will help to attract others to link your review, which could include the person whose content you reviewed.

5. Share Links Through Social Networks

Social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are as popular as ever, which is why it’s important to embed buttons within your articles that users of those platforms can connect with to share your link.

6. Links through WordPress Plugins

If your site uses a wordpress plugin, you can review it at WordPress and include a link of your site, which is an easy method to bring in extra traffic.

7. Distribute an RSS Feed Into Your Website

Setting up an RSS feed within your site can allow for others to use your content in their own articles while providing links that lead back to your website. While this can be difficult to utilize effectively, it does help to increase traffic.

articleimage209 webinar

8. Webinars

Webinars are simply a form of seminars on the internet. By delivering an interesting and informative webinar, those that watch it will post about it and include links to the webinar and your site.

9. Ask Journalists to Cover Site When Big News is Announced

One of the best ways to receive extra traffic and inbound links to your site is by asking journalists within the entertainment industry to write a piece focused on new content you’re offering, which will link to your site.

10. Create Visual Aids for Site and Content

Visuals are a strong aspect of any website and can really help to bring in tons of inbound links. By creating your own designs, ones that are intriguing, others may choose to link to your image for a similar article they are writing, instead of simply creating their own visual content.

11. Utilize Press Releases

Drafting and sending a press release related to your company can earn huge dividends in regards to building links, as it’s one of the easiest ways to do so. You have full control over the content of the link and the press release will automatically lead back to your site.

12. Create an Interesting Presentation

Create a presentation related to something currently going on within your business and build it into a link. This will allow for new and interesting content for your website that will attract inbound links.

13. Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to attract customers and inbound links to your site. All you have to do is write interesting content and place a link in your author bio that leads back to your site.

14. Write an Opinion Piece

Writing an opinion piece for online publications is a great way to insert an inbound link to your website at either the end of the article or within your author bio.

15. Help Other Bloggers by Linking to Their Blog

Utilizing this easy method will allow you the opportunity for others to link back to your blog after you have done the same for theirs.

16. Use Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions in online yellow pages or portfolio sites is a natural way to build links as it helps to create visibility for your company.

17. Be Aware of the Latest News

If you can find a way to get a jump on the latest news and be one of the first to comment on a story, others that follow will cite you as a source and link to your site.

18. Give Interviews

Giving an interview to journalists is a wonderful method to spread publicity and inbound link opportunities. Once they publish your interview, along with an inbound link, you earn immediate traffic to your site.

19. Design and Create an Info-graphic

Info-graphics are one of the more modern forms of marketing. All it takes is thinking of a unique design for the info-graphic that will be appealing to site visitors and include the embed code that will allow others to embed your link on their site.

20. Offer Trials and Sneak Peeks Of New Products

Giving members of your site a peak into new content and products is a fantastic way to create buzz and will tempt others to write their impressions and include a link to your site.

21. Offer Free Tools and Similar Accessories

If you’re technologically savvy, creating new and distinct marketing tools and offering them for free can help to attract those that work within the industry to use them and link back to your site.

22. Sponsor an Event With Your Website

If you are looking for the means to attract more traffic to your site, one of the simplest methods to do so and build more links is by sponsoring an event, which can earn you widespread publicity and inbound links to your website.

23. Write Posts in Public Forums

Forums on many websites throughout the internet have largely increased in size over the past decade, making it a viable strategy for spreading your network and creating opportunities for inbound links to your site.

24. Offer Giveaways of Created Content or Products

Designing a free giveaway can help to greatly increase publicity, particularly if it’s a good product you’re giving away. Doing so will allow others to review your site and leave inbound links.

25. Simply Place “Tweet This” Into Your Articles

While a simple method, placing a button within your article that displays “tweet this” will allow readers the ability to use their twitter accounts to link to your article, creating the possibility of it going viral.

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