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4 Advantages of Video Marketing for Business

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Viral video marketing is becoming a more important and effective online marketing tactic. In fact, research has shown that video ads are more powerful than any other form of promotion. And now, with the pervasion of online video sites like Youtube, small businesses have the option to take advantage of one of the best and most profitable marketing tools that only large brands used to be able to utilize.

Entrepreneurs who are staying ahead of the evolving online marketing space now use video for many of their promotional campaigns alongside traditional online marketing strategies. They have learned to take the cue from large companies who are now embracing video marketing as a critical tool for increased traffic and accelerated revenue growth.

If you’re not yet using videos for your online business, here’s why you should start including it in your marketing mix.

Online video marketing is virtually free

Traditional TV spots are expensive. That’s because TV ads reach millions of eyeballs and they provide compelling visuals. In other words, TV ads are expensive because they work.

Online marketing videos can also reach millions of online viewers and are often quite as compelling (if not more). But what sets online videos apart from TV spots is that online videos are often free to produce. Even huge corporations are taking a huge chunk off their TV advertising budget to shift to online video marketing.

These days, it’s quite common to see lots of new products and brands being primarily promoted on YouTube. So if you are running an online business, there’s a ripe opportunity to get into video marketing right now.

Video marketing positions you as an expert

We now live in a world where people are visual more than anything else. We tend to believe more when we perceive something with our own eyes. Because video allows you to demonstrate your products or ideas, people will tend to believe you more, view your business with more credibility, and perceive your product as being more valuable. It will also effectively establish you an expert in the eyes of your audience.

Online video exposes your business to a wider audience

YouTube has billions of page views on a monthly basis. Imagine getting just a small piece of that number for your business; that’s actually not very hard these days. With social media and with the explosion of free tools that allow you to promote your video, there are many ways to spread your video across the Internet. More video views will result in:

  • Higher brand awareness
  • Establishment as a niche authority
  • More leads from word-of-mouth referrals
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increased sales

Promoting videos via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is easy, and promoting video within your social media channels can do wonders for your business in terms of exposure and improved bottom line.

Nothing promotes better brand recall than video

Cleverly crafted videos with elements of humor, shock, entertainment and controversy will make it easy for your audience to recall not only what your video is about, but also your brand when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. When planning your video marketing campaign, remember that, on average, it takes about seven exposures before a consumer will act upon something. So don’t produce one video and call it good; produce as many as possible and distribute them far and wide.


The time is ripe to start coming up with video marketing campaigns for your business. You’ll thank yourself when you see your business’ website traffic and revenue improve.

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    Kyle Clouse

    Great post Jason. It’s true that video marketing completely expands your customer base and reach.

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