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4 Online Business Mistakes to Avoid

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An online business can be extremely profitable, if it’s done right. If you do it wrong, however, you’ll waste tremendous amounts of your precious time and money.

To help you protect your Internet enterprise from potential failure, here are four of the central mistakes you should avoid.

1. Failing to create a concrete plan

Just as with anything else, devising a solid plan is crucial if you are going to succeed in online business. Don’t just jump in at the first opportunity. It’s never sufficient simply to launch a website in order to promote products and services. Careful planning is essential.

Remember that your resources are probably not unlimited. You have a budget you have to stick to if you’re going to make the operation work.

How you use your time is also critical, because you may not be able to devote 100% of it to your business. That’s why, when you’re designing a plan to run an online business, you want to be sure to determine how much of your money you are willing to risk.

How much of your time are you willing to devote to your business?

In addition, you should ideally target a market that is not already saturated by the competition. A good way to determine which market is ripe for your picking is to try using Google AdWords Keyword tool.

Finally, what’s your goal? How much money do you plan on earning from your online business? For how long do you plan to sustain it?

2. Failing to create a solid and realistic budget

Running an online business isn’t free. It involves some substantial investment of money.

This is especially true for those who are just starting to set up an online business. There’s trial and error involved that could — no, it will — cost you some. Plan your budget realistically, because there are fees and costs you need to consider, such as:

  • Cost to design and launch a website
  • Cost to create content
  • Payment gateway (PayPal, PayDot, etc.) fees
  • Hosting fees
  • Shipping fees

To get an overview of how much it should cost to start an online business, contact us.

3. Lack of focus

There are tons of things involved in running an online business. Just consider content creation, website management, search engine optimization, and social media optimization. You could easily get lost in all this when starting out if you try to devote your attention and energy to all of these at the same time.

Try to focus on just one aspect of running your business at first. And if you’re going to pick one, it’s highly recommended to master content creation first, before moving on to other aspects. If your budget allows it, you can delegate some of the other stuff to freelancers so you can focus on the most important things.

4. Failing to seize opportunities

Many people believe that in the world of online marketing, it’s quite enough just to create a website. They assume that if you build it, people will find it, and that’s all there is to making it big on the Internet.

They’re wrong. Running an online business involves a lot of effort to get the word out about your business, long after the website is up and running. There’s a whole lot of ways to market your business online. But every now and then, an opportunity pops up.

For instance, you might try to figure out which new hot marketing trick is about to break out in the online bazaar.

As an example, Pinterest became the hottest new kid on the block not too long ago. But at the time, many online marketers failed to see it as a potential tool to promote their business further. Now that Pinterest has caught the attention of the entire online business community, marketers are scrambling to get in on the tail end of the action.

Don’t be left out. Watch for the next opportunity to hit the online world. Who knows? You might just stumble upon the next hottest social media tool in 2013. 


With careful planning and execution, your online business will see tremendous results in terms of traffic and sales. We can help you set up your online business from the ground up.

Contact us to find out more about your options.

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