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5 Reasons That Your Twitter Updates Are Resulting in Unfollows

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Corporations, professionals, and socialites strive to gain loyal Twitter followers with a genuine interest in subscribing to their updates. Annoying habits, such as excessive use of hashtags, send followers running for the hills. Every person behind a social media profile should maintain a level of professionalism when choosing their words, and take precaution to not flood followers with too many unnecessary updates. Having too few tweets also causes people to unfollow a user due to lack of interest, despite offering potentially interesting or entertaining information.

Save the mundane details of your latest meal for your real friends, and keep in mind all of the Twitter update mistakes that are resulting in unfollows.

Excessive Slang & Bad Grammar

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Purposely speaking with poor grammar or altering spelling may appeal to the middle school crowd. Unless the company is selling Yo-Yos, it’s not going to turn out well as far as building a reputation with dedicated followers. Entertainers and young people have more leeway with their composition, but it does not reflect a good education or professionalism.

Updates using “text talk”, uncommon abbreviations, and misusing capitalization slow down the readability of a brief 140 characters. Take the time to cleverly fit a message into one single update without butchering correct spelling and vocabulary. Always proofread prior to releasing a tweet out into cyberspace where it is displayed to followers looking for a clear, professional message. Although hashtags are not considered a grammar or slang issue, they also diminish credibility when used excessively. Never use more than two per update and keep in mind that they are not a necessity for any user.

Extreme or Offensive Opinions

Politics, religion, vulgarity, and offensive material have no place in the majority of professional businesses. One person representing a major company may take a clear stance on a controversial issue, such a homosexuality or abortion. Never trust a volatile employee take charge of updates that may lead to a rant on a heated subject. Although there are followers that may stand behind the opinion, there are just as many that unfollows due to the expression of a biased stance.

A political candidate or special interest organization is expected to take a side that at times may seem extreme. Entertainers, businesses, and average people risk their follower base by making unnecessary public statements on personal opinion. Swearing or using slurs add shock value to a statement, but nothing of true value toward building a positive reputation.

Tweeting Far Too Often

Never trust anyone that gives advice stating it is not possible to tweet too often. This may be a tactic of marketing sabotage that some newcomers fall for unknowingly. Flooding a follower’s Twitter feed will get you noticed, and subsequently unfollowed. An occasional instance of back-to-back tweets may happen during major events, such as a promotional sale. If followers notice this becoming a trend, they scroll past all messages without taking the time to skim the contents.

Eventually there is no reason to remain a follower to an account that offers nothing but an obstacle between interesting tweets. A good rule of thumb is to space posts throughout the day to reach the audience during peak times. It is difficult to predict when each individual is most likely to be reading through their feed, however, a post every 4-6 hours leaves few gaps in between. It is also important to think about potential followers seeing your profile as a suggestion by tweeting every few hours.

Not Tweeting Often Enough

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those on Twitter losing followers by not updating often enough. It takes skill to continuously provide quality content, but it is absolutely achievable as a part of every marketing plan. Use downtime to plan new, interesting tweets for the future. All it takes is one instance of interesting content being seen to quickly gain a follower. The user may just as soon unfollow upon noticing irregular updates. Skipping out on social media shows fans, customers, and potential clients that there is no understood value in marketing the brand. Not all tweets have to be strictly content, a clever or funny photo also entices users to click. Never waste an entire day without one single tweet to touch base with followers. Once a follower unsubscribes from updates, there is little chance they will ever be regained.

Boring Topics & Mundane Details

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It is understood that most companies have only one person responsible for their Twitter upkeep. Never use it in place of a personal account for communicating with friends and family. Do not go out on a limb to complain about a flat tire on the way to work. There are more effective ways to relate to followers than to share mundane day-to-day details.

Stay positive and upbeat rather than focus on any negativity that may be lurking in real life. A television advertisement would not use questionable tactics, and social media networking on the business level should maintain strict professionalism at all times. Celebrate an achievement or award with creativity instead of a boring numerical statistic. Reach out to followers on a personal level to address concerns or appreciate their good comments. By giving people interesting content to read it encourages brand loyalty and eliminates the desire to unfollow.

Additional mistakes that people make include: constantly advertising without trying to engage the audience, auto-responding to followers, asking for retweets, and going over the 140 character limit. The entire purpose of using Twitter to build a brand or market a company is the reach out to people on a more personal level than mass media advertisement. Set a goal to personally reply to a few followers each day, whether it is to appreciate support or answer questions.

Use real names or usernames, and strive to always personalize each response. In addition, a quality post gains its own favorites and retweets without having to beg for support. Things fall into place in time with the correct attention to detail. Users expect brevity in content presented to them, which makes it acceptable to avoid unnecessary information. Take the time to carefully edit to make a clear point or statement within the character limit. Never break a tweet into multiple messages under any circumstances.

There is no scientifically proven method of building a solid stable of Twitter followers, and keeping them from unfollowing at some point. Recognizing the main mistakes that lead readers to unsubscribe from updates in their feed is the best way to avoid them. Observe the habits and strategies used by major corporations with a solid social media reputation to get an idea of ways to represent your own company.

No matter how big or small, it is important to find a good balance of tweets per day without spamming the feed. Create interesting content that keeps followers interested, and has the potential to grab the attention of others. Always stick to strict guidelines for professionalism in terms of grammar, style, and content. Find a way to be appealing and add value to the profile by giving followers a reason or benefit for sticking around. Posting boring and mundane details is suicide for social media marketing tactics, and is a sure-fire way to be overlooked and unfollowed.

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    Lisa Buben

    Great reasons Daniel, I find it’s a delicate balance between between overtweeting and undertweeting. I like using the @ before certain tweets to not go overboard on days I find myself tweeting more. And overuse of hashtags is another reason you may get lost in the feed and find yourself with more unfollows.

    • avatar

      Daniel Threlfall

      Good points, Lisa. One aspect not addressed in my article is the difference between personal tweeting and professional or company tweeting. Sure, there’s a lot of overlap, but the rules are lot more flexible when it comes to personal tweeting.

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