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5 Tools to Check Your Website Rankings in Google

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Since the advent of the Internet, thousands of entrepreneurs around the world have come out of the wood works to claim their piece of the virtual pie. While the opportunities are vast, the fact that so many people are utilizing this powerful tool means that there is a large amount of competition. Even if your website idea exists in a very specified niche category, there are likely still several others who have already set up a website.

Search engine optimization is crucial in ensuring your website will survive. While you may spend hours or even pay someone else to employ the appropriate measures to get the traffic you need, these efforts are made in vain if you do not check your website rankings. Doing so helps you identify techniques that will work for your particular site, and there are five valuable tools available to see where you stack up.

1. Semrush


Semrush Competitors Research is an innovative group focused on helping online entrepreneurs understands how they can use data in the discovery of the best online marketing tactics. Their position tracking capability allows users to check on a variety of aspects regarding the success of their website. For starters, online entrepreneurs are able to track the rankings of their competitors daily. Being quickly alerted of a significant shift allows you to make the necessary changes in order to keep up with others in your niche.

Semrush also allows web owners the ability to receive beneficial reports that break down the current position of keywords they are using. While a specific keyword that worked well during the launch of your site may have helped your ranking in the past, the Internet is an ever-changing tool, and being aware of new keywords that would better suit your site helps keep your rankings high. Best of all, Semrush even offers weekly reports that analyze the progress for the past seven days for each of your campaigns, allowing you the convenience of email access as opposed to having to constantly visit the interface for the information that’s important to you.

2. Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker

Ahrefs rank tracker

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker is a handy tool to track your ups and downs in organic search. It allows you to monitor both desktop and mobile rankings for multiple keywords, up to 10K to be exact. As Google generates different SERPs for different locations, you can monitor keywords in up to 170 different countries. You can go even further and specify the necessary state (or, say, county if it’s the UK) and city. Such a state-and-city-wide drill down makes this tool perfect for tracking positions in hyperlocal SERPs.

Along the way, you can gain more insights into your progress, particularly how much traffic you earn from each position, and if you could make it to any of SERP features. Feel free to compare your results with competitors to understand who’s a frontrunner and where you might be able to improve. Charts illustrate your overall ranking progress over time, while filters are there to make the data more specific. If you enable automatic email notifications, you’ll be able to keep up on your rankings without logging in to the dashboard.

3. Alexa- The Web Information Company

articleimage539 Alexa

Alexa- The Web Information Company also offers valuable products to utilize in the tracking of your website. Their metrics are certified, and they reveal how much of the traffic revealed in your reports are from real people. While many tools do not allow you to make such a differentiation, the ability to understand this often overlooked factor allows you to get a better look at your actual statistics. It is easy for anyone to find just what they are looking for in web tracking as they offer various packages with different levels of features and benefits.

Alexa’s uptime monitor is another valuable tool to help increase your rankings. This tool allows you to see at what times during the day or night your site was up and when it was down. By pinpointing the times your website experiences problems, you can take the appropriate measures to fix it. Customers also receive access to a valuable site comparison tool. With the simple click of a mouse, you can see which of your competitors are receiving significant traffic, and you can even compare how your site measures up to those yielding notable results.

4. SEOCombine


For those who like to try something before they buy it, SEOCombine offers a free trial download of their SEO ranking tool. This tool allows you to check your keywords and see how they are currently ranking. You can select specified search engines such as Google or get a broad overview of how you rank among a variety of popular search engines. Users are also able to get a list of site rankings, and you are able to compare where your site measures up with the competition. As an added benefit, if you just can’t figure out how a successful site is making it, you are able to locate their backlinks and even analyze their parameters.

SEOCombine allows ease in use for those who understand the importance of archiving daily results to use for comparison or reference in the future. Results can be automatically saved. Best of all, unlike many similar website ranking tools, SEOCombine allows you to select only the information you deem necessary. This helps you in quickly identifying the trends you are on the lookout for when you analyze the reports the program is able to provide.

5.Web SEO

Another site, which offers a valuable free trial run, is Web SEO. Here, you are able to quickly and easily download their website ranking tool directly to your computer without having to enter a credit card number. Unlike Google PageRank Checker, this tool allows you to compare your rankings with over 300 search engines both on the local and global level. If your website has existed for a period of time, you can also take advantage of another unique feature which allows you to see the history of your page ranking.

With many website ranking tools currently on the market, only the root domain is tracked. When you use Web SEO’s tracking tool, however, you can rest assured that you are receiving real time data from all pages. If you decide to make the purchase once the trial run is complete, you will have the peace of mind that you are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go to Waste

While thousands create new websites every day, most fail. Some simply do not spend the time necessary to keep steady traffic, but, to those who take the time every day or hire outside help in the maintenance of their website, it can be very disheartening when valiant efforts do not yield the expected results. If you are finding yourself struggling, consider these five tools and what they can do for your online venture. By keeping track of how your website is ranking on search engine sites such as Google, you will be able to better identify where you should focus your time and efforts.

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