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7 Essential Qualities for an SEO Provider

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For most business owners, SEO is overwhelming. Rather than existing as an independent strategy, proper SEO campaigns integrate dozens of separate, interrelated strategies that work together to yield a meaningful result. That means onsite development, branding, design, onsite content, social media marketing, offsite content, link building, and countless other factors must all be considered as part of a unified whole, and finding one person (or even a team) with the expertise to handle all of them is virtually impossible.

SEO agencies provide the full suite of services necessary to reliably build search ranks, and because they exist as specialists, they tend to run cheaper than a full-time hire offering those same services would. Still, there are a lot of SEO agencies out there, and not all of them are worth doing business with. Some don’t have your best interests at heart, some are ridiculously expensive, and some simply don’t know what they’re doing.

When searching for an SEO provider, be sure to prioritize these seven qualities:

1. Credentials.


First, look to see what kind of credentials the agency has, particularly at the top. If the agency boasts the reputation of its CEO, who has been featured in multiple SEO-related industry publications, you can rest assured that the company probably knows what it’s doing. On the other hand, if you visit the site and it’s not clear who is behind the company, it may not be worth the risk in finding out whether they’re actual authorities or not. One wrong move in the SEO world could land you in serious hot water with Google, so don’t take the risk. When in doubt, ask.

2. Results.

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Any SEO agency worth its salt should have client results to show you that prove its ability to improve rank. Case studies showcasing the company’s past triumphs should be a given, along with statistics on increases in organic traffic and ranking for various keyword phrases. If those case studies are not available, the company should at least be doing SEO for itself—take a look at where the company is ranking and find out. If you’re in any doubt, ask for a handful of client references. Make a few phone calls and see what previous clients have thought of the service.

3. Range.

articleimage1222 range

Be careful of niche specialists in the SEO world, such as link builders who promise to increase your ranks practically overnight. Generally, these segmented approaches are highly risky and unpredictable. Instead, look for an agency that’s capable of executing multiple individual strategies in the context of the broader campaign. For example, if torn between a company that only writes content and a company that writes, publishes, and syndicates content along with doing onsite SEO updates and social media management, go with the latter. These are not bells and whistles—SEO is a collection of different important elements.

4. Creativity.


While there is certainly a science to SEO, there is also an art, and you’ll need an SEO agency with a degree of creativity if you want to be successful. Samples of the content written by the agency should have a personal, warm feeling to them—if they come across as flat or clearly written for search engines, you should move along to a different candidate. Creativity is also important in SEO troubleshooting and problem solving—there’s almost always more than one way to address a problem, and outside-the-box thinking is a requirement for getting the job done.

5. Adaptability.

he SEO world is always changing. Google releases a new algorithm or data refresh on an almost-monthly basis, sometimes completely negating the effectiveness of certain strategy elements and introducing new ranking factors to consider. New technologies constantly emerge on the scene to disrupt the old way of doing things. In order to be successful, you need an SEO provider who stays abreast of these rapid changes and adapts quickly in response to them. It’s simply not possible to be successful following the strategies of yesteryear.

6. Reporting.

Before you sign on with an SEO agency, take a look at a sample of their metrics reporting. How many different factors do they consider? How often do they report? What factors do they use to determine when a change needs to be made, and how ready are they to make those changes? These are important questions to ask because measuring performance and making corresponding improvements is the most important part of any SEO campaign.

7. Communication.

You’ll be going back and forth with your SEO agency often, exchanging new ideas, making updates, and swapping information. You want a provider you can work with easily, and who will keep you in constant communication no matter what. Your point of contact should be easily available during standard work hours and then some, and you should feel comfortable throughout each of your conversations. Without a fluid and reliable system of communication, your SEO strategy could crumble. Get to know your eventual account manager before committing to any term of service.

If you’re considering an SEO provider that’s missing one or more of these qualities, you might want to move on to your next candidate. If you want your SEO strategy to be a valuable investment, and not just another monthly fee, it’s worth the extra effort it takes to find a great partner. If you’re interested in seeing how AudienceBloom can help your business succeed, contact us!

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