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7 Social Syndication Hacks to Get More Eyes on Your Content

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The value of your content increases with each new person who views it—assuming you’ve attained certain quality standards already. If 100 people view an article, 10 of them might wander to the rest of your site and another 10 might keep you in mind for a future purpose. Get 1,000 views, and those numbers soar to 100 visitors and 100 potential future purchasers.

Obviously, the strength of the content itself can play a role in how many people eventually view it; informative, surprising, or otherwise unique content tends to get lots of shares on its own merit. But what you may not realize is that there are subtle tricks you can employ to get more eyes on your content in social channels—and some only take a few minutes to employ:

1. Get personal brands to serve as first-line sharers.

articleimage1512 Get personal brands to serve as first-line sharers

Modern consumers have an instinctual distrust of corporate brands, at least to some extent. Even if your company’s brand is well-liked and well-respected, it still won’t carry the same trust and influence as a similar personal brand. Instead of lamenting this differentiation, embrace it with a twist on your strategy. Instead of only sharing your content out on your corporate brand’s social media profiles, try using a series of personal brand profiles to push your content out further; for example, you could get some of your most socially active employees to share your content to their own personal networks. You’ll instantly multiply your initial audience, and you’ll win some extra trust and favor besides.

2. Challenge your audience.

articleimage1512 Challenge your audience

How you present your content to your audience matters. Even magnificent pieces of content can be neglected if they’re given the disservice of a lousy or shoddily written headline. One of the best ways to capture more attention right off the bat is to pose a direct challenge to your audience in your words. For example, including a phrase like “you won’t believe” or “you never thought of” immediately makes a bold statement about your readers. It naturally piques their interest, and they’ll be far more likely to check out your article—even if it’s just to confirm or deny their suspicions.

3. Toss in a personal note.

articleimage1512 Toss in a personal note

Again, the goal here is to downplay the corporate side of your social media brand and play up the personal side. Tack on a bit of your own personality and personal views when you share your article for the first time. For example, you might explain that your research was particularly challenging, or that you were shocked by your findings. If you can give a miniature author’s note of how to read the content, that’s even better—and of course, integrate your personal brand’s social profiles if you can.

4. Encourage a thread.

articleimage1512 Encourage a thread

Some of the best content on the web is debatable content, or controversial content, because it naturally encourages more people to post, which in turn generates more attention to your original piece. On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, users have the chance to comment on or reply to your pieces, and if they do, it means instant greater visibility for your piece. The more comments you get, the more new followers you’ll be exposed to, and the more power your original post will carry. If nobody comments, try to stir the pot by asking your followers what they think.

5. Take advantage of in-progress conversations.

articleimage1512 Take advantage of in-progress conversations

Instead of trying to build a new conversation from scratch, you can take advantage of the visibility and power of one already in progress. Use hashtags to uncover trending topics that people are talking about, or follow especially popular accounts and brands on various platforms and keep watch for opportunities to jump in. If your article becomes relevant to the conversation, offer it—if you can use it as proof or disproof of a statement within the thread, you’ll get tons of new exposure and credibility (plus, you’ll win some new long-term followers who will want to see what else you have to say). Just don’t jump into a conversation that isn’t relevant to your industry.

6. Submit your best work to social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are the unsung heroes of viral content. Facebook, Twitter, and other standard social networking sites usually get the credit when a piece starts accumulating millions of views, but social indexing sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon deserve equal credit. Submit your best work to sites like these, and if your material strikes a chord with enough users, it can explode in popularity.

7. Build trust with influencers.

By now, you should realize the power of getting your content shared by social influencers, who carry much esteem and thousands of followers in their platforms of choice. But simply asking for one-off shares isn’t a viable long-term strategy. Instead, if you can build an ongoing relationship through conversations and exchanges of value, you can rely on those influencers to share much of your content naturally, lending you semi-permanent access to their respective audiences.

Try these social syndication hacks in your own content marketing strategy. If employed properly, they should help you improve the number of shares, views, and even links running to your original material. Just remember that these syndication hacks are meant only to give more viewing potential to your content—the strength of the content itself is still going to be the most important factor for your long-term success. There’s no shortcut or substitute for that quality.

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