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7 Ways to Make Your Content More Fun

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Nobody wants to read boring content. The problem is, boring is a necessary and common part of the world—or at least so it would seem. The fact is, even though there are collectively agreed-on “boring” industries (like manufacturing) and “exciting” industries (like pop culture), these are nothing more than stereotypes. The only thing necessary to prevent any content (no matter what industry it’s being written for) from being boring is your own imagination.

If you find that the content you’re writing is boring, or if you just want to have a little more fun with your marketing strategy, try one or more of these strategies to add a little more spice to your campaign:

1. Make your writing more digestible.

articleimage1609 Make your writing more digestible

By “digestible,” what I mean is easier for casual readers to pick apart. Your first job lies in the formatting of your piece; use sub-headings, different sections, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and bold fonts to call out specific subsections of your piece. It lets people read the piece how they want to read it—either by skimming the major sections, or reading it all the way through. Then, watch the individual sentences of your piece. Keep things light, concise, and easy to read—no need for complex vocabulary unless it’s necessary. Nobody’s going to have fun with your piece if it’s a chore to read through.

2. Get creative with images and memes.

articleimage1609 Get creative with images and memes

Multimedia content is always a win, whether you’re pursuing a pure content strategy or you’re optimizing for SEO. Including a few images or popular memes is an easy way to make your post a little more humorous, and a little more engaging. You might find a funny cat picture that perfectly summarizes your sentiments toward the latest industry news, or take a candid picture of one of your colleagues to demonstrate how something works in your business. The more creative you are, the better—and try to stay away from stock photography.

3. Make jokes and asides (when appropriate).

articleimage1609 Make jokes and asides

Almost everyone loves a good joke now and then. Don’t make it a point to write out your best ice-breaking joke in the middle of your piece, but feel free to throw in some casual asides when you feel it’s appropriate. You might make fun of an industry standard, or call attention to the flaws in one of your illustrations. For this, you’ll have to be in tune with your creative and humorous sides, but as long as you stay within the boundaries of your brand, you can’t go too wrong.

4. Include an interactive element.

articleimage1609 Include an interactive element

People have fun when they’re engaging with something—it’s why video games are becoming a popular form of storytelling. If you can find a way to get your audience to take action in your post, or even better, engage with it directly, you’ll instantly have a more fun piece on your hands. Include a brief quiz or survey at the end of your article, or encourage people to share their own stories (assuming you’ve told one of your own). It doesn’t matter how you get people to interact with you, as long as they do.

5. Take advantage of storytelling.

articleimage1609 Take advantage of storytelling

Humans are naturally inclined to find meaning in stories more than any other format. We learn better by seeing and hearing a narrative example of how a strategy should be use than we do by simply reading the steps to the process—and we have more fun doing it. Take advantage of this natural preference, and incorporate more forms of storytelling into your content campaign. You might tell real-life examples of your company’s work in the form of case studies, or invent a fictional character who you can guide to illustrate complex industry concepts—again, the choice here is yours. All forms of storytelling are good forms.

6. Use strange or amusing hypotheticals and metaphors.

Hypothetical scenarios and illustrative metaphors are your best chance to get creative, so play them up as much as possible. There aren’t any rules here as long as you end up demonstrating your concept—you could have a fictional character named Bob wander into an alternate dimension after getting lost on the way to the pizza place, and then see how he reacts to different situations relevant to your company. Get as wacky as your brand voice will allow, and consider including actual illustrations if your artistic skills allow it.

7. Be yourself.

This is the last step I’m listing, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s a good idea to establish a consistent brand voice for your company and follow that brand voice when writing, but it’s also important to be yourself. Make the jokes you want to make. Use the tone you would use in conversations with clients. A little bit of personality goes a long way in making your content fun.

Any one of these strategies should be enough to make your content more fun to read. Add in a few of them, and you’ll soar to new heights of amusement. Like any other element of content marketing, you’re going to get better with practice, so don’t be afraid to try these out immediately and stick with them even if you aren’t sure what you’re doing at first. In time, you’ll find a natural voice, and you’ll figure out exactly which of these tactics work best for you.

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