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7 Ways to Revitalize Your Social Media Presence

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You’ve got a nice rhythm going. You post every day, multiple times a day. You follow the right types of people. You check the diagnostics of your campaign and try to make adjustments accordingly. In theory, you’re doing all the right things, but lately, you notice your followers aren’t rising or becoming more active—at least not as quickly as they once did.

Unfortunately, even the best social media campaigns run into the problem of stagnation—sometimes, it’s due to a wave of user apathy, and sometimes it’s due to a content or posting angle that’s overstayed its welcome. Sometimes, it’s just a random, temporary plateau. But no matter what the origin of the stagnation is, you need to give it a jump start if you want to revitalize it.

If you find your social campaign struggling to gain new momentum, try one of these seven innovative strategies:

1. Add More Personality.

articleimages1159 Add More Personality

Hopefully, your brand already has a personality, but that’s not what I’m alluding to here. Your brand probably needs some real personality—that is to say, some characteristics of your own to make your posts seem more genuine and personal. Even if it steps away from the core personality of your brand, don’t be afraid to inject your own personality and feelings into your posts. Take pictures of wherever you are. Express your real thoughts and opinions. Phrase posts the way you would frame them. You might be surprised how receptive your audience is when you just show off your natural personality.

2. Crack Some Jokes.

articleimages1159 crack some jokes

Humor connects us more than any other feeling, thought, or event. When people laugh with you, they’ll remember you, and they’ll think fondly of you. It’s especially important for businesses with a conservative reputation, businesses in boring or unexciting industries, and “serious” businesses to crack jokes every once in a while. Doing so can help your audience see through the pretenses of your business and realize that there are real human beings on the other side. Make up some jokes about your industry, poke fun at yourself, or if you’re strapped for ideas, share some images or posts you thought were funny. It can go a long way in reconnecting with your audience.

3. Have Real Conversations.

articleimages1159 Have Real Conversations

The term “conversation” can be applied to any exchange of ideas, but when we think about talking on social media, we’re usually referring to a monologue. Because you’re usually working with a one-sided and constant stream of posts from your own head, it’s easy to lose the “social” part of social media. To correct this and start breathing new life into your stagnant campaign, start looking for conversations that are already in progress—they can be from influencers, or individual followers of your social profiles. When you see an interesting topic, jump in—even if it’s only a few words. Your involvement will allow you to connect with new people and help your existing followers see you in a new light.

4. Create a New Storytelling Campaign.

articleimages1159 Create a New Storytelling Campaign

Stories are one of the most powerful communication mediums around, and leveraging a new type of storytelling campaign can spark new interest in your audience. Consider hosting or sharing customer testimonials, or case studies where your business was able to make a difference. You could even go a less salesy route, and tell the story of your business in digestible segments, or interview various team members to show off what your business is really like.

5. Start an Interview Series.

articleimages1159 Start an Interview Series

Interviews are powerful forms of content, but they’re seriously underutilized by the majority of businesses. If you’re struggling to get new visibility, start an interview series in the form of a podcast or video, and back it up with written transcripts. Interview a new person every week or bi-weekly, and be sure to identify key influencers in your industry to work with. Your influencer interviewees will share the interview to their own audiences, giving your brand new exposure to new demographics, and the authoritative power of your interviews will increase the respect and interest within your existing group of followers.

6. Dabble in Trending or Newsworthy Content.

Hopefully, you’re already paying close attention to the news and using occasional newsworthy posts and trends to fuel your own content strategy. But if you’re looking for some renewed attention and action from your followers, take it a step further. Go out of your way to find a handful of trending topics and news items every day, and share them—it only takes a minute, and it can inject some new life into your news feed.

7. Try Some Paid Advertising.

The appeal of social media marketing for most businesses is the fact that it’s essentially free to use. Generating organic interest and traffic yields more viable leads and healthier customer relationships, as opposed to traditional advertising routes. Still, social media advertising can be just what you need to add a batch of new followers and generate renewed interest in your brand—and it’s more cost effective than you might think.

None of these strategies are independently guaranteed to work. Every company is unique, every audience is unique, and each strategy can be executed in a number of different ways. Still, if you commit yourself to trying new things and you employ these novel strategies to the best of your ability, it should infuse enough freshness into your campaign to spark new momentum.

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Samuel Edwards

In his 4+ years as a digital marketing specialist, Sam has learned the ins and outs of online marketing. Additionally, he has worked with countless local businesses as well as enterprise Fortune 500 companies and organizations including: NASDAQ OMX, eBay, Duncan Hines, Drew Barrymore, Washington, DC based law firm Price Benowitz LLP, and human rights organization Amnesty International. Today he continues to work with and establish SEO, PPC and SEM campaigns.

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