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Are Bad Habits Ruining Your Blogging Routine?

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Ah, habits. They make you or break you.

It’s no less true for bloggers. I’ve seen a lot of promising bloggers who put off writing down their best ideas until someone else has beaten them to it. Others let distractions destroy their passion.

There are other counterproductive habits that are worth discussing. The goal of this article is to help you get back on the blogging track by determining which bad habit is causing you serious problems.

Not posting on a regular basis
Skipping posts is a perennial problem among newbie bloggers. The danger of posting inconsistently is that it’s a sure-fire way to annoy visitors who have developed a liking for your blog. If you intend to attract a steady stream of loyal followers over time, be sure to post on a regular basis.

How regularly should you post? It depends on you. You could update your blog daily, two or three times a week, or every business day. No matter what schedule you choose, stick to it religiously.

One of the biggest benefits of posting regularly is that content freshness plays into search ranking. The more you post fresh relevant content, the more the search engines will give you favorable rankings.

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Not paying attention to your visitors
Nothing is more rewarding for bloggers than seeing readers visit their blogs regularly. If you’ve developed regular followers for your blog, let them know you’re thankful by acknowledging them.

Make a point of appreciating them by posting a tweet about it, moderating comments, etc. And if people are tweeting your posts, return the favor by tweeting their content or simply posting a shout-out or tweet that acknowledges their attention.

Make acknowledging your visitors a regular habit, not only to build solid loyalty among your followers but also to develop a healthy two-way relationship from which both you and your readers will benefit.

Paying too much attention to stats
Paying attention to stats is a great way to learn how you’re doing and how to improve your blog. It gives you insight as to where visitors are coming from and which keywords they’ve used to find you.

However, you should not obsess over the numbers. It’s counterproductive. Over-analyzing your stats eats up precious time that could be used to produce further great content.

If you create great content on a constant basis, the numbers will take care of themselves.

Obsessing over social networking
Sure, it’s great to create relationships with followers via Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a great idea to pursue some marketing on social media so your blog will gain exposure to even more eyeballs.

However, don’t trade your blogging time for social networking time. You must continue to dedicate a sufficient bloc of your time to thinking, research, and composing great content. Focus on constantly creating excellent content for your audience, and if your content is worthy enough to go viral, loyal readers and one-time visitors will take care of doing the marketing for you.

To deal with this problem, set a time for blogging and a separate time for social media interactions. Schedule your blogging activities for the part of the day when you feel most productive.

Stick to this routine to continue producing high quality and useful content for your audience. The rest of your time should be free for you to do as you please, but be sure to acknowledge your visitors and interact with them on social media.

I hope you’ve gotten an idea or two from today’s post. If you would like to share your thoughts on how well you are using your time for blogging, drop us a line or leave a comment below.

Happy blogging!

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