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Assessing Your Content before Publishing

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Do you know how to ensure that your content is great enough before you release it into the open?

If you find that your content is not delivering the traffic and conversions you had hoped, then there must be something wrong with the way you create it.

To guarantee that your content delivers exactly what you expected, the following is a simple list of assessments you need to conduct before you publish your next content.

Check for grammatical errors

articleimage612Check for grammatical errors

Nothing will turn off your regular readers and first-time visitors more than simple errors in grammar and spelling that should have been eliminated prior to publication. Even if you feel confident that your content doesn’t have any errors, it doesn’t hurt to check a second time. In fact, triple check it.

Errors in grammar are liable to make your readers think you don’t care that much about the message you’re posting; after all, you didn’t take very much trouble with it, did you? Worse, the readers may believe you don’t value them, either.

What your readers expect to find is output from a trustworthy content publisher. Grammatical errors signal to readers that you may simply lack sufficient professionalism to be worth their attention.

That’s why making sure to check for errors in grammar and spelling is critical if you hope to gain trust and loyalty from your readers.

Is your content great enough?

articleimage612 Is your content great enough

Honestly, is your content good enough to be worth sharing? Does it hold your readers’ interest the way you expect it to? Does it help your readers ease their pain and increase their pleasure? Does it entertain them? Does it solve their problems?

If your content doesn’t accomplish any of these goals, then you may need to do more research to identify what your target audience is really looking for.

Great content is share-worthy content; it ultimately helps readers handle their most pressing concerns.

Is the content useful to your target audience?

Make every word, sentence, and paragraph of your content count. Make your entire copy useful.

Before setting out to write content, pinpoint the goals you wish to achieve. Who is your content for, precisely? What problem/s do you wish to address? What do you personally hope to derive from the publication of your content? Is it increased traffic? Sales?

If you don’t know to whom you are marketing, your website content will fail miserably because it won’t be useful enough to connect with its proper readers.

And if you don’t know the true objective of your content, your copy will lack substance. It’ll be a waste of everyone’s time.

If you’re selling through your copy, do you emphasize the benefits?

A great copy that aims to sell something addresses the concern “What’s in it for me?”

Unless you can accurately and honestly show the true value and benefits of your content, you will fail to keep your readers’ attention long enough to close the deal.

By focusing on a product’s features, for example, you will sound as though you are hard selling. Nobody cares about what you think of your product. What people care about is how your product will solve their problems.

When you start to shift your focus to the benefits of your product, your readers will see that you understand them and are helping them.

Check for readability

articleimage612 Check for readability

Be sure to check your content not only for errors in grammar and spelling, but also for readability. Precisely phrased and correctly spelled copy can still come across as stiff or cold. Your content should be easy to read; it should flow well. This encourages your readers to remain longer on your site.

How do you make your content readable? Consider the following tactics:

  • Include lots of headers, especially at the start of each important section.
  • Break paragraphs into bullets to make it easy for your readers to scan through your content.
  • Use bold fonts to emphasize important points.

When you are fully satisfied that you’ve adequately covered all the aspects described above, the odds are your audience should be satisfied as well.


The next time you create your content, have this guideline handy for reference. And if you need help in creating an effective content strategy for your business, contact us to find out more about your options.

Want more information on content marketing? Head over to our comprehensive guide on content marketing here: The All-in-One Guide to Planning and Launching a Content Marketing Strategy.

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