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How to Automate Your Local Search Engine Optimization

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Anyone who plans to be successful with internet marketing needs to be familiar with search engine optimization which is referred to as SEO. SEO automation helps increase productivity and save time which makes the automation a dream for internet marketers. Internet marketing is not as easy as it seems, but it does not have to be extremely complex. People who know how to automate their local search engine can focus on more important matters of their business, such as business analysis and strategic development.


1. Site Quality Audit

A site quality audit is the first task that needs to be completed. During this step, many aspects regarding the site’s content is checked. Factors, such as the:

• Title
• Description
• Length
• SEO-friendly redirects
• H1 headings
• URLs with invalid characters
• XML sitemap presence

All of these factors will be considered and reviewed. The site quality audit informs the user of these issues and indicates whether or not their site meets the criteria. A site quality audit is perfect for internet marketers who have a website that consists of ten pages or more. The site audit scans every piece of content that is present on the website for errors. Internet marketers who have a complex website to manage should conduct a site quality audit every other day.


2. Website Ranking

Website ranking is another factor of SEO automation. An internet marketer has a lot of things to do and making sure their website ranks highly is one task that must be completed. Website ranking is one of the easiest ways to keep track of a webite’s success. The key to a highly ranking website is proper SEO usage.

Every internet marketer needs to be familiar with Google and their ranking system. Internet marketers should have high standards for their website’s success. The higher a website is ranked; the more traffic will be generated. The lower a website ranks, the less traffic will be generated. A website that ranks in the first position on Google receives more than 31 percent traffic, and a website that ranks at or below the tenth position only receives one to two percent exposure.


3. Competitor Metrics

Computer metrics is more essential than many internet marketers realize. Before an awesome and successful campaign can be created, research regarding the competition needs to be conducted. The more information internet marketers know about their competition, the better they can fine tune their website and SEO tools to outrank their competitors or become equal to their competition.

Competitor metrics is commonly referred to as analysis. This analysis gives you the ability to look at the information and tools competitors are using to rank higher on websites and gain more traffic. Competitor metrics helps internet marketers understand their competition and why their website may rank poorly in the competition. There are several parameters that need to be followed, such as:

• Image links
• Home page google page rank
• Linking domains
• Total backlinks

When internet marketers understand these basics, they can more on to more advanced options. There are many different tips that internet marketers can use to improve local SEO search results. Some of these tips are complex, and some tips are basic. Internet marketers do not have to use all of these tips, but it will be a good idea to use at least two or three tips.

1. Keywords

Keywords are only one element of SEO, but it is important. Many people believe the pictures are what drives people to visit a website, but the words are what count. Keywords are an essential part of websties because they are the only thing that is visible to search engines.

2. Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping can only be successful when the internet marketer creates a strategy for the keywords. As far as keyword mapping is concerned, the keywords for a website need to be placed in a spreadsheet, and keywords that are similar need to be grouped together. Ten pages or more for a website are not necessary. A website that has five pages or less will suffice, but it needs to be targeted with keywords for the sole purpose of your business. META is a good thing to incorporate when keyword mapping is involved. META includes three different aspects, such as a description, title, and keywords. Each META element should include the primary keyword for the website.


SCHEMA, commonly referred to as a microformat, is a fairly new tool that internet marketers can use for local marketing. SCHEMA is a great tool to use to help local marketing by classifying essential information on the website. Two pieces of essential information include contact information and location. This is an internet marketing tool that every local business must have. This code is similar to a universal remote to all of the search engines that include Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

4. Footer

Although it is commonly misused, if it is used at all, the footer is another important piece of this puzzle. When the footer is concerned, it helps visitors remember where you are located, and it keeps track of important information, such as a business address and phone number. The footer ensures that the business’s contact information appears at the bottom of every page of the website.

Social Media and Blogging

Social media and blogging are popular ways to market product and services using the internet. Whether it is a small or large business, great benefits can be obtained when social media is used. There are thousands of people who surf the internet on a daily basis, and even more people who tune in to their social networking accounts. This is an outstanding opportunity for businesses large and small.

Businesses who use social media are ten times more likely to gain customers. One way this can be done is by creating a business page. On the business page, essential information regarding the business needs to be present. There should be at least five digital pictures present on the business social media page. These pictures need to describe and represent the business. One thing that will help tremendously is using the primary keywords to help find pictures that describe the business.

Taking the Business to New Heights

Any internet marketer wants the best for their business. Marketing a business can be a frustrating and difficult task, but it is also rewarding. When the business is ready to be taken to new heights, internet marketers should consider creating business profiles with business programs, such as yelp, and sites that are similar. Sites such as yelp help businesses make a name for themselves and gain potential customers. When the business profile is created, everything about the business needs to be present. This is the best way to spread the word about a business and expand the customer base.

The business profile should be checked for inconsistencies and updated regularly. This is one great way to ensure visitors that the business is real and operating. Businesses that offer products or services need to have pictures of the products that are being sold and pictures of finished projects if services are offered.

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