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The Beginner’s Guide to Infographic Marketing

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Infographics have grown to become one of the most efficient and lucrative forms of inbound marketing, giving businesses a chance to show off their knowledge, create something pretty, and attract dozens (if not hundreds) of natural backlinks for SEO in a single go. To someone new to the world of infographic marketing, the strategy may seem like a gimmick built around a buzzword, but the data doesn’t lie. People strongly prefer visual content, and infographics take advantage of that opportunity.

However, infographic marketing isn’t as simple as creating a piece and posting on your website. If you want to get the best results for your infographic and maximize your chances of making it go viral, you’ll need to put some work into it.

Why Infographic Marketing Is Important

articleimage465Why Infographic Marketing Is Important

Infographic marketing is valuable both as a short-term means of attracting visitors and as a long-term brand strategy:

  • Infographics increase your brand authority. Your brand is your company’s identity, and infographics are the perfect way to promote that identity. You’ll have a chance to show off your branding and your personality in the wording and design of the infographic, but your subject matter is what really counts. Depending on the depth of research you do, you can prove yourself as an industry leader and establish yourself as a major authority. It makes people trust you and value you more.
  • They attract natural backlinks to your site for SEO.Search engine ranks are largely dependent on the quality and volume of backlinks pointing back to your site. However, if your links appear to be built unnaturally, you could face a penalty from Google. Infographics are beneficial because they naturally encourage people to share and re-post the digital material with a link pointing back to your site. You get all the links you could ever want, and you don’t have to worry about them appearing to be artificially built.
  • They increase click-through opportunities for raw web traffic. Finally and perhaps most obviously, the presence of your infographic will entice people to click through to your website. That means a greater number of relevant visitors from around the web as your infographic circulates.

A Final Checklist for Your Infographic

articleimage465 Final Checklist for Your Infographic

Before you start syndicating your infographic, it’s a good idea to run through a final checklist of must-have qualities:

  • Make sure your branding is visible and recognizable. Include a watermark if necessary to make sure the infographic can only be attributed to you.
  • Double check your reference list. People want infographics they can trust, so make sure all your reference links are accurate and working properly.
  • Create an embed code, or include a link to your site in the infographic itself. This will ensure that people can quickly and easily share your infographic with the accompanying link.

Where to Syndicate

Once you’re all set with your infographic, it’s time to syndicate. Through syndication, you’ll offer your infographic up to as many sources as possible, putting it into the hands of the users who will repost it and spread the word for you. Let’s take a look at all the syndication options you have for your infographic:

Social Media

Social media is usually the first syndication channel people pick when marketing their infographics, and for good reason. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are radically popular, giving you a wide audience, and they offer easy methods of sharing visual content, giving you a virtual highway on which your infographic can successfully travel. Depending on the size of your current following, Facebook and Twitter are decent places to start. On Facebook, you can specifically ask your users to share your infographic and watch as it starts to circulate the web. On Twitter, you can benefit from the concise immediacy of the platform.

But Facebook and Twitter are no longer the power players in terms of visual content virality. You want to make sure your infographic reaches the largest possible relevant audience, and for that you need a platform that specifically caters to visual content. Instagram is an up-and-coming new option for that, but the real superstar here is Pinterest. Pinterest is custom-made for sharing images, making it perfect for circulating your infographic, and it sees more web referral traffic than almost any other social media platform.

It’s a good idea to post your infographic on every social media platform you can. Don’t worry about redundancy; your goal should be making your infographic as visible as possible.

Press Releases

It’s also possible to submit your infographic as part of a press release. This is especially useful if your company conducted some proprietary research as the basis for the infographic, and you’re interested in publishing the findings. Like with all press releases, it’s important to ensure that your topic is truly newsworthy and not just an opportunity to talk about your company. Press release syndication channels are ever-watchful for rank manipulators and fluff-ridden articles, so take the time to construct a press release that will actually matter to the consumer.

That being said, distributing your infographic along with a press release will instantly win you more brand authority, and you’ll get the benefit of extra backlinks pointing back to your site from every news site that picks up the story.

Infographic Directories, Daily Infographic, Infographics Archive, and Cool Infographics are just a handful of the infographic directories available to the public for free. There are literally hundreds of them. These sites exist for the sole purpose of collecting, distributing, and popularizing different infographics, so take advantage of them. You’ll instantly get a free backlink for every directory that publishes your piece, and you’ll get visibility amongst an audience that loves reading new infographics.

This will take some extra time to manually process, but it’s worth it.

Guest Blogs

It’s also possible to include your infographic as an attachment to your regular guest blogs. Guest blogging is still a valuable strategy for increasing brand awareness and encouraging brand mentions, and including an infographic along with your post can increase click-through rates and engage your audience even more than usual.

It’s still a good idea to adhere to best practices for guest blogging. Don’t post an excessive number of links pointing back to your site from any one source—instead, use the rel=nofollow tag to block those links from being seen by Google, or use non-linked brand mentions to subtly build your authority. Your goal with using infographics in guest blogging should be to increase the value to your readers rather than explicitly building links.

Keys to Success


As you continue to syndicate your infographic and watch your audience grow, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Remember, your goal with infographic marketing isn’t explicitly to build links. It is to provide a value to your target demographic, and enable them to do the dirty work of sharing and reposting. Don’t be aggressive with your syndication, and make sure your posts are focused on quality.

It’s also important to take measurements of your campaign. Use social media analytics, Google Analytics, and other forms of analytics to track and project the overall success of your campaign. Over time, you’ll learn which channels and strategies are the most successful to your brand, and you’ll be able to adjust your future infographic marketing strategies accordingly.

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