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December 31, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Long-Tail Keywords

Successful search marketing is about getting more visibility on the web, and that requires a careful balance between points: finding opportunities that have the greatest […]
December 31, 2014

The 5 Most Valuable Types of Content for Local SEO

Local SEO is a frequently overlooked strategy for many businesses due to a misconception that it can only be useful for small, mom-and-pop style local […]
December 30, 2014

8 Golden Rules for Penalty-Free SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving, ironically because of efforts imposed by Google to stop people from trying to artificially improve their ranks. A […]
December 30, 2014

How to Optimize Video Content for Your SEO Campaign

Multimedia forms of content, including images and video, are becoming increasingly important for SEO and content marketing in general. Plain written content is fine for […]
December 29, 2014

The 5 Worst Content Habits to Avoid

Like with anything in life, content writing is vulnerable to the development and persistence of some very bad habits. Bad habits in the writing, publishing, […]
December 29, 2014

When and How to Use Google’s Disavowal Tool

While Google’s penalty-based algorithm updates sometimes make it seem like the search engine giant is actively trying to disrupt the ranking efforts of webmasters, the […]
December 28, 2014

Why Is Google Pulling Out of So Many Countries?

Google has ceased operations (or a portion of their operations) in a number of external countries over the course of the past month, including China, […]
December 28, 2014

Will Content Marketing Become Obsolete for SEO?

Over the course of the past several years, driven by Google’s Panda update and a rising trend of webmaster acceptance, the terms “content marketing” and […]
December 27, 2014

Why You Don’t Need to Worry About Future Google Updates

Google seems like it’s on a warpath, releasing updates and data refreshes on a near-monthly basis, and throwing the world of search marketing for a […]