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October 6, 2014

How to Beat Facebook’s New News Feed Algorithm

Social media marketers have relied on Facebook as one of their most stable platforms, largely due to the site’s overwhelming popularity and the ease of […]
October 5, 2014

How the Pigeon Update Destroyed the Relevance of Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings have been on the decline for years. There once was a time when holding the top position for a target keyword was the […]
October 4, 2014

8 Search Engines Bypassing Google with New Trends in Online Search

Google is the king of search. At least, that’s the way it’s been for the past 15 years or so. Competitors were commonplace once upon […]
October 3, 2014

4 Obsolete SEO Strategies People Still Mistakenly Follow

The basic idea of SEO is the same: perform a series of ongoing actions in order to maximize your chances of being found in the […]
October 2, 2014

The Beginner’s Guide to Infographic Marketing

Infographics have grown to become one of the most efficient and lucrative forms of inbound marketing, giving businesses a chance to show off their knowledge, […]
October 1, 2014

Supply and Demand: Why PPC is Dying and the Future of Paid Search Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads were once a hot ticket item in the world of search marketing, serving as an excellent complementary strategy for practically any type […]
September 30, 2014

Social Media Marketing 101 for B2B Marketers

There’s a common misconception that social media marketing for B2B marketers is impossible, or at the very least, inefficient. However, while B2C companies have an […]
September 29, 2014

8 Ideas for Writing Local-SEO Optimized Content

Writing for local optimization is a different animal. In addition to providing the same level of detail to the same target demographics, you also have […]
September 28, 2014

10 Free Tools to Use with Google Analytics for Your SEO Campaign

Google Analytics is any search marketer’s go-to tool of choice. It provides real-time and historical insights on your site’s performance, including a breakdown of traffic […]