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Why Buying Backlinks on Fiverr Could Get Your Website Penalized

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The world of SEO is ever changing. These last few years have seen Google go through many algorithm changes that affected millions of websites. The majority of changes revolves around backlinks, anchor text and quality.

Fiverr (called five-er) is a platform where a person can get all sorts of services done for five dollars. You can get advertising, graphics, programming, translations, and of course buy backlinks to your site for a mere five dollars.

What’s Going On In The World of Backlinks?

articleimage499hat’s Going On In The World of Backlinks

There’s been a lot happening these last few years in regards to backlinks. Google came up with some unusual names such as Penguin and Panda for their updates. This seemed to have started the kickoff for a series of changes they were making to cleanup the search results.

There’s no argument that people were getting very good at gaming the system, and much of this had to do with backlinks.

Backlink networks like Build My Rank were affordable for the average person just breaking into the business, but like anything else, as soon as the marketplace gets wind of something good, it doesn’t take long for that product to lose it’s effectiveness. In the case of networks like BMR, Google started to infiltrate their networks and eventually put them out of business.

Anchor text was another area that got a lot of attention. In the past, webmasters made sure the keyword they were shooting for was strategically placed in the anchor text; this was an effective tactic used for backlinking that worked for years – that’s until Panda and Penguin came along.

So, how does this tie in with Fiverr?

Is Fiverr in Google’s Dog House?

articleimage499Is Fiverr in Google’s Dog House

There was a time when no backlink was a bad backlink; those days are gone.

At one time, Fiverr was a great place to get foundational backlinks from directories and bookmark sites. You could get hundreds of these links for the cost of five dollars. Not all would stick, but for five bucks you couldn’t go wrong.

If you don’t know it, a job on Fiverr is called a “gig.”

These days it seems Fiverr is used as a hunting grounds for potential customers; the starting point is the gig. You can still get some reasonably decent work done for five dollars, but for most vendors the upsell is the attraction. To be fair, in some cases the upsell services are pretty good.

As far as Fiverr and Google goes, Google isn’t targeting Fiverr because they’re just a platform for putting together vendor and customer. The problem lies in the type of backlinks being offered from the people selling the service.

10,000 backlinks to your site is one ad we still see being offered. This sounds great (for five dollars), but if this is true then you can count on your site being penalized. The blasting of backlinks to your site may have worked in the past, but now this will only cause you trouble.

I will make 1000 comment backlinks to your site. This is another ad we see on Fiverr. Unless this is done systematically, over a period of a year or so, you can be sure this tactic will negatively impact your SEO efforts. And there’s still controversy on whether comment backlinks in mass have any significant impact on rankings.

I will get 200 great backlinks to your site. What is a great backlink? We would very much like to know what a great backlink means.

I will submit your site to 100 article directories. The best article directory of the group, Ezinearticles, seems to have lost some of its clout for SEO experts.

So, even if five dollars doesn’t pinch your pocketbook, the effectiveness of these gigs isn’t there anymore and not to mention the penalties you website might receive because of them.

Private Backlink Networks (PBN) Still Work

articleimage499Private Backlink Networks

The majority of gigs for backlinks on Fiverr will get your website penalized. Google will not see getting blasted thousands of low quality backlinks to your site as natural. These are strategies of the past that caused their search engine to get loaded with low quality, spam sites; the game has changed.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea, backinks are still a viable source for SEO. The changes Google made are concerning the quality of incoming links, the stuffing of keywords onsite and in anchor text, and the velocity of incoming links.

What does quality mean? In Google’s eyes quality means the source of the link and relativity. Is the website linking to your site reputable? Has it been around for a while? Is the traffic substantial? Is the site relative to the content on your site? When you think about it, it’s fascinating how Google can reasonably evaluate all this data and provide pretty good search results. Of course it’s not perfect, and some people take exception to the notion that the results are “pretty good,” but this is what SEO folks have to work with.

So, if you could find a gig on Fiverr that works, what would it be?

Private backlink networks still seem to work. Unlike Build My Rank, which was open to the public, PBN’s are closed networks that are closely monitored and kept secret from the public. Some owners build these networks for their own use, while others are open to select clients.

Because of the quality and integrity these networks maintain, anyone buying links from them can expect to pay hundreds of dollars monthly for only a few backlinks. In SEO circles the consensus is…this still works fine. The owners of these networks put a lot of time and money into building them, so it’s no wonder the monthly fees are high – it still works.

With all this being said, can you expect to find these types of backlinks on Fiverr for five dollars? The logical answer is, no.

How About Social Media?

The two powerhouses these days are Facebook and Twitter. Is Google impressed when you have 5000 Facebook followers? Not really, but these source can attract diversified traffic and natural backlinks. This is what Google is looking for.

SEO experts are leaning in this direction, which comes back to quality and relevance. If you produce quality content that attracts backlinks from sources that find your content valuable and relevant to their readers, then you have a backlink that Google loves. The thing is, these backlinks don’t come along everyday and paying five dollars to have 5000 backlinks blasted to your website is going against all the recent changes Google has made.

People who have successfully used Fiverr have done so by trial and error. If you read comments and articles about this, you will find that customers looking for good, long-term services had to go through several vendors before finding a good one. Also, plan on spending some seed money to find someone you like.

You know the old saying “you get what you pay for,” this applies to buying backlinks on Fiverr. In most cases you are paying for something that will probably hurt your website, not help it.

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Chelsea Harris

A Northwest native currently residing in Seattle and graduate of the University of Washington, Chelsea is an avid cyclist and rock climber and has been working in the Seattle startups scene since leaving the school.

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    Many people probably would point Fiverr links to their main site. As for blasting to tier 1 sites, I haven’t seen any evidence or case studies that it’s a helpful thing to do. Have you?

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