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Compelling Reasons to Make Video an Online Marketing Staple

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With the advent of YouTube and its subsequent acquisition by Google, video became a huge hit with web surfers, and eventually online marketers. Now online videos range from funny videos and info videos, to video advertising and video blogs.

Online video has become universally acclaimed for its sheer effectiveness in getting a message across. More and more online marketers are using this powerful tool, and spreading more and more videos across the Internet.

For us marketers, video offers the following advantages:

• It heightens the human element in our pitches
• It helps us target our audience more accurately
• It boasts the highest conversion rate
• It guarantees increased engagement and exposure through online video channels such as YouTube and other video-sharing sites like DailyMotion and Vimeo.


Video also provides marketers with a significant advantage in SEO. Note the following advantages of online video:

• Google places great value on video, often awarding videos a spot on its first page of search results
• Videos can easily land on Google’s first by scoring most keywords
• Videos get indexed more quickly, regularly showing on search results within hours, not days


Video for a wide range of topics
There are virtually no restrictions on the type of videos you can create. So whatever industry you’re in, there’s a great opportunity for your business to thrive with online videos.

You can find videos about most subjects on YouTube and some of the popular video-sharing sites, including:

• How-to videos
• Gadgets
• Company profiles
• Funny stuff
• Interviews


One great thing about video marketing is that you don’t have to produce top-quality video in terms of resolution to land on the first page of YouTube or Google. As long as it’s properly optimized for search and delivers the message, there’s a decent chance your video will rank well.

Also, if you’re nervous about having to show your mug on video, don’t be. You don’t have to appear in front of the camera all the time, or ever. You can simply lend your voice to the soundtrack, or allow text to do the talking for you.

Here are some compelling reasons you should include video in your online marketing mix:

Increase your search engine ranking
YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine, believe it or not. And if your video ranks well on YouTube, Google, which also loves video, will probably give you favorable rankings too.

Establish your reputation
Consumers tend to trust brands promoted by video more than those that appear in text-based ads. It’s in our nature to find visuals more compelling. Also, consumers tend to believe that products or brands presented with video are more valuable, which makes consumers more likely to respond in a positive way.

Video promotes better brand recognition
People are more likely to remember your brand if they see it in a video. A study has shown that people tend to recall brands more easily when they’re promoted with video as opposed to those that are not.

Video could drive massive traffic to your site
YouTube lands more than two billion page views per day. That’s a massive viewership. If you can tap into a fraction of that two billion views for your video, you could have a flood of traffic pouring into your main site.

YouTube and most video-sharing sites allow links to be included within the video description section. This allows interested viewers to learn more about the subject on the video. Make use of that opportunity!

Improvement in sales
As stated earlier, consumers are highly visual beings. We tend to believe what we see, and nothing engages us more than video. Studies have indicated that ads are more powerful if presented as videos.

Creating a simple ad for your product increases its persuasive power tremendously; it appeals to several more senses than plain old text-based promotion does.

Exposure to an even wider range of audience
With online video, your brand will be exposed not just to a small region; you have the whole world as your audience. Remember YouTube’s two billion daily views?

And if your video lands on Google’s first page, which is not unlikely, depending on your niche, that’s even more exposure for your marketing message.

Getting ahead of the pack
Here’s something that many businesses still don’t realize: video is still a small market. There’s lots and lots of great opportunities for you to grab if you start today. By taking advantage of video now, you’ll have a head start in your niche.

Higher click-through rate
It has also been proven that videos enjoy a higher click-through rate than conventional ads. By creating more videos for your brand, you will build a massively powerful traffic-generating channel.

Improve visitor retention
Videos have an inherent power to hold customer attention longer than conventional ads. With video, visitors to your site will stay longer than if your site is only text-based. Video also makes your site more relevant.

Increased social media visibility
Videos can be easily shared on social media. If you create several videos that manage to circulate around social media sites, you’ll get greater exposure, better click-throughs, and improved sales.

With share and like buttons, YouTube and other video-sharing sites make it easier for you to spread your video throughout the social media space.

There’s no doubt that online video will continue to expand and evolve to become the dominant platform for online marketing in the near future. So it’s crucial that you take advantage of it starting today.

If you have questions on how to run a video marketing campaign for your business, drop us a line and we’ll present you with some cool ideas.

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