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Audience Bloom Services, LLC

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Frequently asked questions

1Are your services on monthly engagement or is "a la carte" an option?
We accommodate “a la carte” orders as well as monthly plans. When you’re enrolled in a monthly plan, we’ll work with you on a monthly basis to identify guest blogging opportunities and get posts published.
2What is your typical turnaround time on orders?
We typically deliver client orders in 3 to 5 weeks.
3Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Our link building placement service includes a money-back guarantee on content we are unable to place.
4Do you have any testimonials of past clients?
We have serviced hundreds of clients and performed thousands of engagements. A few select testimonials are available on our "testimonials" page.
5What sets you apart from other guest blogging services?
We have direct relationships with top-tier publishers. This means we can get your website exposure on publishers that other guest blogging services could only dream of.