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Why Customizing Your Social Media Pages Can Increase Followers

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articleimage135Why Customizing Your Social

Having a presence on social media can help you expand your brand, increase personal product sales or generally help you spread the word about something that you are passionate about. For businesses, social media is great for customer outreach and promoting new goods and services. If you run your own social media page or run a social media page for an employer, how can customizing your page increase the number of followers that it gets?

articleimage135 Don't Come Across as Spam

Don’t Come Across as Spam

There are thousands of spam social media accounts that do nothing but post links, send direct messages and otherwise make it harder to see the benefits of using social media. If your page doesn’t contain a picture or some type of customized text, people may think that you are running a spam account.

When people suspect that you are running a spam account, they will not want to follow you. In some cases, you may even be blocked by other users and flagged as spam. If enough people flag your account as spam, whoever runs the social network may decide to permanently ban your account.

In extreme circumstances, your IP address may be banned in an effort to ensure that you do not try to create any new accounts. For an individual user, this can be problematic as it can be costly to either change your IP or have to go elsewhere to access a social network. For companies, it is almost impossible to run a business without having access to social media. Therefore, make sure that social media accounts have some level of customization to ensure that they are not seen as spam.

Customization Is Good for SEO

Writing a custom profile allows whoever wrote the profile to insert keywords or phrases that can be found in search engine results pages. This means that your social profile can be found even if your new follower has never used that particular social platform in the past.

For instance, a user who is searching for basketball shoes may stumble upon your Twitter profile because it had the words basketball shoes in them. Companies that sell basketball shoes or other athletic apparel can use these keywords to attract customers just by having their social profiles rank highly in the search results.

The same thing applies for any pictures or other content that you place inside of your profile. A great picture could be placed on a site such as Pinterest and then go viral as others pin it to their boards or share it with their social contacts.

As more and more people find and share content through your social profile, the search engines will push your profiles higher and higher up the search results. The end result is a social presence that can drive conversions and sales just as well as any website or sales page.

articleimage135Spread Your Unique Message copy

Spread Your Unique Message

Anyone who posts on social media should be doing their best to promote their own unique brand. Whether you are an individual or a large company, everyone should have their own logo, brand name and slogan that they can use when communicating to others about themselves and what they hope to accomplish.

When you use a generic profile template or don’t have a lot to say within your profile, those who are interested in following you don’t have a reason to do so. Why should anyone follow you when it looks like you do the same thing that dozens of other companies already do?

By using your own unique message within your profile, you give people a reason to follow you and to encourage others to follow you. As the Internet continues to grow, it is rare to see something new or fresh being done. Therefore, you can garner a lot more favor for your social media presence if you are doing something that no one else is doing.

Offer Customers a Financial Reason to Follow You

Customizing your social media pages gives you the opportunity to do things that other companies or individuals have not even thought of yet. For example, you could offer coupons or free products to those who tweet a link to your social media profile or help get others to follow or interact with your social media page.

Depending on how large and influential your social media presence is, you could offer people the ability to post on your page in exchange for prizes or other items that people would find useful. While it is not a good practice to trade follows or links, you could offer to mention any follower who retweets something that you posted. That could result in new followers for your page as well as the page of your followers.

Create an Interactive Page

New followers will flock to your page if you create some sort of interactive component to it. By adding games or links to games, you can give your followers a reason to stay on your page and recommend it to others.

Adding a high score tracker, the ability to share high scores on followers’ pages and otherwise allowing people to engage in friendly competition, you increase the likelihood of people that your social media page will be among the most liked on the Internet.

Another benefit to those who run a social media page is that these games could become larger than the page itself. This can help build your brand and offer a new product or service that can help make your company more money.

Nobody Likes Boring

Your social media page needs to be created just like any other advertisement would. It should be focus tested before it gets sent out to the general public. In addition, A/B tests should be conducted to see which words, colors and fonts elicit the best reaction from your customers.

Using an analytics page can help you determine which features on your page get the most clicks, the most mentions and the most generally positive feedback. This can be beneficial to both your page and your company as a whole. If people think that your Facebook page is boring or poorly crafted, those people may also think that your company is poor run.

If this is the case, those who are already following you may be less inclined to do so in the future. Those who have stopped following you may tell their friends not to follow you or leave bad reviews about your page on other sites.

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t need to go overboard to be exciting and fresh to those who find your page. All you need to do is create a good message, use the right colors and include some level of interactivity. A simple crossword puzzle or word search app may be enough to get people flocking to your page.

Social media is important to companies and individuals alike. If you are not doing something unique with your page, you could be seen as spam or unappealing to those who want to follow you. Therefore, do your best to create something that is fun, new and is appealing to as many people within your target market as possible.

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