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The Effect Social Media Has on SEO and Sales

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In recent years, social media has come to dominate the Internet. Friendster and Myspace have come and gone, but Facebook and Twitter clearly have staying power. Today, social media is no longer an optional component of your online marketing strategy; it must play a major role. Here are a few of the ways that social media can affect your SEO and sales.

Improved SEO

articleimage544Improved SEO

Most search engines, including Google, do not index Twitter pages or comments. However, most experts believe that Google’s algorithms monitor Twitter for trending topics and other information that can help them better index information. Because of this, having your information spread across the network will likely have a noticeable, if small, effect. Facebook pages, however, are indexed by major search engines, and having helpful information on the social media behemoth can help improve your rank. Facebook links will only have a small effect, but placing targeted information on your page can help your website rank better for your targeted keywords. Recently, Google began indexing individual comments on Facebook, so placing a few strategic comments can also improve your SEO.

More Organic Growth


The major search engines love to see organic growth. In the past, links to pages were viewed as testimony that the content was helpful, but SEO marketing efforts have diminished the effect of a single link. Recent algorithm tweaks, however, now help Google determine which links have been created organically, and these links are invaluable for your pages. By posting great content on social media and encouraging people to link to your site from their own site, you can gain these helpful links. It is important to avoid annoying your followers, but you may find your followers to be more helpful that you’d guess. A simple request can go a long way.

Strong Targets

On its own, your Facebook page does little to help improve your site’s rank. By focusing on building links to your Facebook page, however, you can make it a far more valuable resource. Some Facebook pages rank well on Google and other search engines, and links from those pages can be tremendously beneficial. Although your website will likely remain your top target, spending a bit of time improving your social media resources can help your overall SEO efforts. Take a holistic view of your search engine efforts and focus on your most effective secondary resources: your social media pages.

Alternative Outreach

A standard website is the centerpiece of most online marketing outreaches; most activities draw users to it. However, websites are somewhat limited. Only relevant information should be placed on them, and the advent of mobile devices means that website should have only sales-based language. With social media, you can expand the range of content you use online. This allows you to reach out to people who you wouldn’t be able to reach with your website. Through organic links and visits, this expanded effort can help you leverage more from search engines.

Direct Sales

Most of the information you post should not be direct sales pitches, but people are tolerant of occasional postings pertaining to the products you sell. Internet advertising can be complicated, but the simplest efforts can sometimes lead to great results. Most who follow your account are interested in what you sell, so posting links may interest them.

Enticing Landing Pages

Landing pages remain essential tools for online marketing, and social media can attract people to your most impressive landing pages. Social media should be used to generate interest, so promise something intriguing on your landing page. Make sure you deliver on this promise as misleading visitors can cause them to unfollow your account. Remember that visitors may access the page through a smartphone or tablet and that their attention spans may be lower than those of visitors using a desktop or a laptop. One strategy is to direct mobile users to alternative landing pages that are tailored for their typical usage patterns.

Promotional Offers

articleimage544Promotional Offers

Promotional offers are tremendously effective at attracting interest, and a great promotional effort can quickly spread through social media. Try to post regular offers for viewers, and make sure they are enticing. People also love having inside information about promotions that the general public does not have access to. By posting some promotional offers only for followers, you may be able to increase your follower count significantly. Make sure your promotional offers are affordable as an offer that is too good may be prohibitively expensive.

Put Your Followers to Work

Another powerful component to an effective promotional campaign is to get your followers to do some work for you. By offering discounts to those who share posts, you can increase your reach significantly. By giving incentives for referrals, you can have your followers work as sales professionals. In your business is small, some may be willing to help you without receiving a reward. Simply asking people to share posts to help your business can be effective.

Become an Expert

People love following experts, and your position as a proprietor of products or information gives you a bit of credibility. By posting informative content, you can get people to follow you for the information you share. By soliciting questions and providing answers, you can demonstrate an interest in helping people out. Once you’re establish as an expert, people are more likely to find your sales pitches believable. Doing so, however, will take time, so put in the hours needed to establish yourself before expecting results.

Share Related Information

When people hear about the importance of washing their hands, they are more likely to buy antibacterial soaps. When they hear how useful moderate exercise is, they are more likely to buy fitness-related products. Sharing appropriate information can entice users to take a closer look at your products, so spend some time finding articles that are make your products look better. If you’ve already established yourself as an expert, these links will be even more effective.

Putting it All Together

Leveraging social media requires a balanced strategy. Some make the mistake of treating their social media properties as websites in different locations. However, social media is meant to be social, and simply posting information but failing to interact with followers will lead to subpar results. Other lose track of their main goal on social media. While it can be fun to share cat videos and other content, everything you post should be part of an effort to generate sales in some way. Finding the right balance will take time, but a far-looking, sustained effort will pay off over time.

Social media has transformed the landscape of the Internet, and Facebook, with more than one billion active users, needs to be viewed as a top target for generating leads and sales. However, social media is not the only tool for generating sales, and it must be viewed as part of a larger online effort. Social media is constantly changing, which can make it difficult to find foolproof strategies. On the other hand, this constant change means that innovative strategies have a strong chance of succeeding, and those who put in the required effort can see tremendous spikes in interest or sales if they leverage new techniques effectively.

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