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Five Ways to Make a Funny Viral Video

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Charlie Bit My Finger

Image from HDCYT Harry Charlie Jasper Channel on YouTube

Funny stuff is good for your health — and for your bottom line.

In advertising, sex and comedy sell tremendously well. But comedy-themed ads have gained more popularity for their universal appeal, and funny videos are increasingly effective for promotion and sales.

Over the years, we’ve seen the explosion of funny viral videos. Creating a funny viral video has become one of the main strategies used by huge advertisers and small entrepreneurs.

Viral videos have become an important tool for Internet marketers because they work and they are very cost effective.

However, many folks assume that making a viral video involves big efforts and big budgets. That’s actually not the case. Funny videos can become viral and practically promote themselves.

And they can be produced with only a camera phone.

I’ll let you in on two rules for creating a great viral video:

Rule #1. Shoot or create lots and lots of videos.

Rule #2. Remember Rule #1.

The more you shoot and create videos (no matter the quality), the bigger the chances you’ll hit gold.

But when shooting a video you hope will go viral, what are the types of scenarios that are more likely to go viral?

The parody

Parodies in some cases outperform original content. You can create funny yet clean parodies of just about any other film, video, or TV show. In fact, you can create parodies of other funny viral videos.

Remember Charlie Bit My Finger? To date, this cheeky, cute, and funny video has amassed nearly half a billion views and dozens of parodies.

While none of those parodies has outperformed the original Charlie Bit My Finger in terms of the number of views, they still garnered respectable hit totals. Some have garnered over 80,000 views. Others have reaching between half a million and a million.


Everyone has a soft spot for babies. They’re adorable and irresistible, like these twins dancing to their daddy’s guitar. They have a contagious laugh and they have the tendency to mess things up — in a very funny way.

If you’ve got kids and babies around, be sure to keep your camcorder handy because you never know when something funny will happen.


Cats and dogs … they’re forever rivals. Even on the Internet, they battle it out ferociously — for attention. Just like babies, animals tend to mess things up in a delightful way. It’s especially amusing to see animals that mimic humans, even in the vaguest way.

Humans vs. Animals

No raised eyebrows from animal rights advocates likely here. Just some funny things animals do to helpless humans captured on video.

Things that go wrong

Lots of unexpected things happen between humans and animals, animals and animals, humans and things, and things versus things. But what you want to capture are funny things that happen in the most unexpected ways like a birthday cake that falls over, or a Nintendo Wii fail.

As you can see, there’s not much effort needed to create a funny viral video. Most of the time, the ingredients are the same. The only differences are the characters, objects, and circumstances captured on video.

So keep your camera or mobile phone always ready. You never know how that cat lurking around may surprise you in 3…2…1…

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