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How Do I Get Links from Large Websites?

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Individuals who are interested in increasing their conversion rates by expanding their online presence should note that getting links from larger websites can help them accomplish this objective. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that attaining links from large sites increases your site’s credibility in the mind of the search engines, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will attain a competitive ranking in the results pages of major engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are looking for strategies that will help you get links from large websites, the following techniques can be of great use to you:

articleimage161Write High Quality Content

1. Write High Quality Content.

Writing high quality content is one of the most effective ways to increase the likelihood that you will attain links from larger websites. In short, writing high quality content increases the perception that you are a professional and leads other website owners to believe that you are the type of individual with whom a business relationship could be mutually profitable. There are a variety of things you can do to ensure that the content you produce is high quality, one of which is to ensure that your text is “scannable.” To ensure that your readers can quickly scan through your content to find the information they want, make a point to include things such as headers, bullets, and numbered lists.

2. Make Offline Advertising A Priority.

Oftentimes, business owners who are attempting to get links from large websites place primacy on using internet marketing efforts to accomplish their objective. While this activity is certainly prudent, it is also important for these aspiring leaders to make offline advertising a priority. This is a good idea for several reasons, including the fact that it gives you the opportunity to reach an audience of people who do not use the internet to locate the goods and services they want. Once you expand your market this way, your business will gain more and more credibility, thereby increasing the likelihood that larger websites will hear about your existence and decide to link you.

3. Implement Proven Social Media Optimization (SMO) Strategies.

One of the many effective strategies that can help you get links from larger websites is to simply increase your visibility in the online world. In short, a large website cannot link you if they do not hear about you somehow. With this idea in mind, take note of the fact that social media channels are an incredibly useful (and cost effective) way to share information about your business’s goods and services with other people. There are a variety of social media optimization (SMO) strategies you can implement to increase your business’s online visibility. For example, tweeting at peak times (5 pm) will increase the likelihood that a large number of people learn about the goods and services you offer.


4. Add A Blog.

Adding a blog to your website is a fun and effective way to get more links from larger websites. Like several of the other strategies outlined here, adding a blog is a viable strategy because it can increase the visibility of your website and thereby catch the attention of larger websites who will then view linking you in to be a mutually profitable decision. To make the most of your blog, be sure that the content you publish there is interesting and informative. Also make a point to try to guest post on the blogs of other people. This is a good networking strategy that also increases the likelihood that you can reach more people within your target audience.

5. Remember That Mobile Optimization Is Important.

As many internet marketing experts know, the sales of mobile devices currently exceeds those of personal computers. With this idea in mind, it is very important that your business website be optimized for mobile users. If it is not, you miss the opportunity to reach a large segment of the market and thereby decrease the likelihood that your website will gain credibility and popularity. If this happens, you will be much less likely to get links from larger websites.

6. Become A Thought Leader.

If you’re serious about getting links from larger websites, you should know that becoming a thought leader in your area of business can help you accomplish your objective. This is the case for several reasons, one of which is that your website gains credibility (and subsequently, visibility) when people believe that you have extensive education and experience in your chosen field. So, how do you become a thought leader in your area of business? There are several ways to do so, and one of the best is to publish a book within your field. It’s also a good idea to continually publish articles in which you report the most current research findings regarding the subject. Finally, make it a habit to attend lectures and conferences that concern your area of interest, and discuss your attendance on your website.


7. Ask!

Asking can be an incredibly effective way to get links from larger websites. To make the most of this opportunity, write a very professional yet personal e-mail in which you discuss a bit about your work background as well as your own interests. Talk about the purpose and function of your website and explain why you’d be interested in having the web owner link you in. Be sure that your e-mail includes substantive information indicating that you are thoroughly familiar with the web owner’s site. This will likely flatter him or her. The best part about asking to get linked to a larger website is that you may get a yes, and the worst thing that can happen is that the website owner says no.

8. Get Professional Help.

Although you and your staff may be somewhat effective in creating and maintaining the type of website that will garner interest from larger websites, professionals can probably do a much better job than you. With this thought in mind, give consideration to hiring a professional web design or internet marketing company to help your business gain the online visibility and popularity that you want. These professionals will typically have years of experience in the industry, thus enabling them to quickly and effectively develop and implement the type of web design and marketing strategies that will leave larger website owners wondering about you. Once they become curious, the likelihood of you getting linked increases exponentially.

9. Branding, Branding, Branding.

Last but certainly not least on this list of strategies to help you attain links from large websites is the implementation of a high quality branding campaign. Although defined broadly, branding is basically the process of using graphics, icons, text, mottos and other forms of visual or textual media to create a unique and meaningful image for a business and the goods and services it sells. Branding is important for many reasons, including the fact that it increases the likelihood that prospective customers will remember specific information regarding your products and subsequently make purchases. When this happens, your brand will gain visibility and credibility, the two primary factors which can cause larger websites to link you.

Summing It All Up

If your goal is to ensure that you get links from larger websites, you should know that the strategies outlined above can help you accomplish this goal. To make the most of the information listed here, be sure to use all of the techniques synergistically to increase your online reputation as quickly as possible. Once this happens, you will likely find that a variety of large, authoritative websites are interested in linking you.

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