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Google: Being Disavowed by Someone Won’t Hurt Your Rankings

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When people online are using their power for no good, it can make it difficult for honest people to manage their website in a way that is going to be helpful and profitable for them. While the “disavow links” folder for many people is something they use to make sure that they do not have their links placed on certain websites, this disavowing has nothing to do with the ranking that a website has with Google. Just imagine how different these two things are, and it will be clear that there is no reason to worry when someone disavows your website in a power play to keep their links on your site.

The Spammers


There are link spammers out there who put their comments with spam links on every website they can find. These comments can be extremely problematic for the person who wants to have an open dialogue on their site and it is interrupted by the spam comments. However, the moderator who takes these spam links off their site may get a nasty note from the link spammer themselves.

When the link spammer makes threats, it is because they want their links on their in the hopes that they may generate some kind of business. Besides the fact that link spammers make the internet look ugly, these spammers are also quite forceful when it comes to their threats. They could also tell you that you will be hurting the rating of your site when you do the same thing to them. The problem is that Google is a little bit more up to date on technology than link spammers.

They will likely threaten a website owner saying that they will submit a “disavow links” claim with Google. Since Google is most influential search engine in the history of everything, that can be scary for website owners. The spammer will usually say that Google might then flag their site as spam or as problematic. However, when a disavow links claim is filed, this does not change the ranking of a website.

Google Knows What Its Doing


Google is highly-aware that there are link spammers out there who drop these spam comments on people’s blogs and websites all day long. The thing about having a “disavow links” claim submitted is that the people who submit the claim are only telling Google that the links they submitted to a website were spammy. This means that the company, or the person working for the company, who is submitting these comments with the spam links is the one in the wrong.

Google is so sophisticated that it can differentiate from spam comments and the spam on a webpage. When Google is checking for spammy or problematic websites, it is checking the actual content of the site. This means that the comments and spam links that people are leaving are not actually part of the content of the site. They are comments. The actual material on the website is what can cause a website to marked as spammy.

There is no need to worry about a site being tanked by this little “disavowing” thing. The fact remains that spammy tags and keywords on a website are going to be much more damaging to the website’s rating than the random spam links that the spammers are using.

What To Do When Someone Does This?

When someone is threatening a legitimate website with this claim, it is easy to refute when the website owner knows what they are doing. Google has already stated, and the answer has been spread around the internet, that the “disavow links” claims do not do anything to hurt a site’s ranking. All this does is deal with comments which, again, are not part of the actual content on the site.

When someone is threatening the website with being disavowed, it is best for the website owner to do nothing at all. These are idle threats that have nothing to do with the ranking of the site at all. However, Google has suggested that the website owner could respond to the spammer by asking for remuneration for the time it takes to get those links and comments off the site itself.

Being a diligent website owner takes more time in the day, but there is no better way to make sure that the website you run is clean of all the things that are causing you problems. Again, there is no need to worrying about being disavowed. All you have to do is run your website the right way.

Avoiding This Problem In The Future

Working to avoid these problems in the future is something that every company or website should do to make sure they don’t have to deal with these link spammers on a daily basis. This is what most people should do when they are getting hit with spam links often.

More often than not, the people who are leaving these spam links are people. They either work alone or they work with some company that you don’t know about. You should leave a note on your comments section that explicitly states that spam links are not welcome on your site. This sets up something that everyone can see before they ever post anything.

Next, you need to moderate comments actively. Some of these people, though they cannot affect your website’s ranking, can make your life difficult if you leave one of their spam comments up for too long. They will be able to claim that didn’t mind it because you didn’t get rid of it right away. This doesn’t hurt your website’s ranking, but it does hurt your position if you want to take the issue further and deal with the company that the person who is leaving the comments works for.

When the spam links must be removed, it is easy for the spammer to load up on the site and leave even more comments than before. This means that the website should be locked down as an invitation-only site when it comes to commenting. This could become a problem for some websites, but the little bit of work that is required to make the website cleaner is going to be helpful so that the site is not being threatened in the future by link spammers.

What Does All This Mean?


It means that your website, when run cleanly, has no problems. You should spend your time getting rid of spammy links in your comments sections, but you need to remember that that spam is not considered part of your website. When someone disavows links, that does not decrease the rating of a website. The website is judged based on the content that is actually in the site. You might be nervous about what is happening on Google’s end, but they are not keeping tabs on every single “disavow links” claim and lowering the rating of your site based on that.

As Google as stated in writing, having a URL from your site submitted in this way does not cause any problems for your website. All you have to do is run your website, moderate well and remember that Google is not out to get you.


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