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Guide to Copywriting: How to Write Killer Pop-Up Sales Copy

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Pop-up squeeze pages, done right, can be your best ally for attracting visitors and converting them into paying customers. Here’s a page for your copywriting guide about writing great pop-ups.

Normally, pop-up opt-in pages irritate web surfers. Some users declare in no uncertain terms that pop-ups make them want to avoid any site that has them. Most blogs will probably want to refrain from using them, but for sales pages, pop-ups are still as effective as ever in sparking interest and gathering opt-ins.

Site owners that employ carefully designed sales pitches can still be effective enough to convince the most highly trained and experienced salespersons to want to learn more.

So how do you create killer pop-up sales copy that gets undivided attention and persuades customers to do what you intend – without using fancy mind tricks?

Get It Out There Fast
When composing copy for a pop-up, be sure to position the juiciest portion so that it will appear “above the fold.” This is a phrase from the old days when millions of Americans (and more important, potential shoppers) still read newspapers and encountered advertising inside them.

Editors knew they should place the most arresting headlines and photos on the top half of the front page, where it could capture the eye of passersby and compel them to purchase a newspaper even when it was folded and lying flat on a news vendor’s table or propped inside a vending machine.

What you have to say must show clearly within a single block onscreen, so the readers are not forced to scroll down to reach the payoff you’re offering and the action you want them to take.

The Headline
Smart and highly experienced copywriters always start by writing the headline. A compelling headline is the gravitational force that should be almost impossible to resist. Here are quick tips for creating compelling headlines:

  • Start with a grabber word. A grabber word, as the name implies, holds your target customer’s attention firmly. Examples are “Hurry,” “Attention,” and “Revealed.”
  • Make the headline very specific. If you’re going to tell your readers how much you earned from the system you are about to teach them, for example, give specific numbers. It’s a lot more convincing to say “I Earned $52,340 In 3 Weeks” than “I Earned Tens of Thousands of Dollars In Less Than a Month.”
  • Include at least one promise or benefit. Tell your customers right away how they will benefit from your product or service. You can include one or two promises, but keep it short and specific.


Use Bullets and Numbers
Readers have a tendency to skip right to the most important parts of any sales letter. Bullets and numbers cut your sales ideas into bite-sized pieces. But when you chop your points into pieces, be sure to place the most important bit of information at the start of each bullet.

Also, when creating bullets, be sure to keep them brief and don’t reveal too much. Your goal is to keep visitors interested enough to take the action you intend them to follow. A little mystery gives extra force to your pitch; too much information can offer opportunities for them to think of objections and decide to take no action.

The Call to Action
The call to action should be compelling enough that the readers are left with no choice but go for it immediately.

Here is where you tell your customers to supply their name and email address (or in some cases, a phone number) so they can move to the next step or get the information they want.

As a final assessment of the effectiveness of your copywriting, you need to test your pop-ups. Test and then test some more to see which layout works, which headline improves bounce rate, etc.

Powerful pop-up copy should be kept short, not only so it will stay above the fold, but also to keep the target customer’s interest white hot. If done properly, you will effectively qualify your customers and get through to the ones who are really interested in what you are promoting … without the grueling guesswork.

There are a substantial number of pop-up copies that follow these steps exactly, and the results have been incredible.

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