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Why High Quality Guest Blogging Will Always Be Effective

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To provide a valuable user experience for individuals who are searching the Internet, Google is constantly making minor changes to its algorithm. These changes are subtle and usually won’t drastically affect search engine placements; however, major updates will. The last two major updates, Penguin and Hummingbird, placed a larger focus on content and its importance in Google’s algorithm. Now, high quality, well written content is expected on a regular basis from websites. Without it, achieving and maintaining high search engine rankings becomes quite difficult. This gives an edge to website owners who take the time to provide readers with valuable content. To fully compete though, a brand must spread rich content to other blogs and social media sites. Guest blogging is a strategic and highly productive way to accomplish this.

Gaining Exposure and Brand Recognition

articleimage553Gaining Exposure and Brand Recognition

Often, readers who are interested in a specific niche will browse the top blogs and frequent the same social media areas. Guest blogging allows a website owner to gain exposure as a recognized contributor in their specific industry and that helps solidify trust with readers and potential customers. When individuals start to see a frequent amount of content from the same author, they begin to recognize that author and brand as a leader. This helps reinforce recognition and the expertise of an author.

In real estate, success is all about location. The same theory applies to building brand recognition. Bloggers and businesses that create guest posts to increase their exposure are forming more opportunities to bond with individuals that are interested in their message, services or products. They are also gaining credibility by being hosted on websites that drive in large amounts of traffic and are well respected.

Credibility and Attracting Followersarticleimage553Credibility and Attracting Followers


Associating with other popular websites in an industry helps create credibility with potential clients or customers. Also, it allows a brand to reach out and spread a message to communities and topic hubs that may not have heard of a brand. By guest posting on popular blogs, a brand can also experiment with topics that may be new to readers. However, it may be difficult to get accepted by the most popular blog sites. If a brand has never written a guest post, they should start with smaller sites that are more receptive. Baby steps will lead to a final goal, and new relationships are always good to start. A blogger never knows what type of person that they will meet or how a new acquaintance will influence their business. By contacting the owners of smaller blogs, it still increases networking and provides possible opportunities outside of blogging on just one site.

New Opportunities and Networking

Networking is one of the biggest keys to success in business. By branching out and contacting others in an industry, it opens a door of communication that could be beneficial to both parties. Some brands take this opportunity to team up with other businesses in their industry and offer combined product packages to their readers. This combined partnership could help boost an interest in complementary products or create a whole new product that has a valuable proposition for interested individuals with a problem that needs solving. An initial seed to begin a new relationship can be started by offering to provide a guest blog post. It starts the ball rolling and opens up a positive line of communication with others in an industry.

Also, networking provides an opportunity to discover guest bloggers. Most readers appreciate periodic changes that spice up the content that they are reading. Support from another blogger is always good to have when material is becoming stale. A new perspective, style and expertise has the ability to provide value for readers and that is the most important aspect that a blogger should work on first. Trust and sales will come later if an author provides continuous streams of value.

Growing Socially


Guest blogging and article sharing is even easier and more important now with Twitter and Google+. When a blogger takes the time to formulate valuable content and share it as a guest post with the readers of a prominent blog, those readers may decide to share the link of that article with individuals in their social media channel. This sharing fuels more brand recognition and creates more links back to an author’s guest blog post, Twitter name or main website.

In fact, it’s a good idea to use these popular social media sites and applications after posting content. This shares areas where a blogger is posting so that anyone following an author can easily find their material. Taking time to use these tactics will drive more traffic to articles, establish expertise in the field and provide social proof that an author is a leader in the industry. Also, these social elements are formulated into Google’s algorithm which leads to higher rankings in the search engine results pages.

SEO Foundation and Obtaining Inbound Links

Search engine optimization should be utilized by brands that want to build a foundation for long-term success. Guest blogging helps build that foundation by forming inbound links from other websites. These websites are seen as valuable assets on the Internet, and Google places a higher value on a site receiving valuable incoming links. This inevitably helps a brand receive a higher website rank, better search visibility and hopefully an increase in traffic which should help boost sales.

Improvement and Building Knowledge

When an author takes the steps to blog as a guest on another website, it also gives them a chance to become a better writer. No one wants to look like a fool when they are making a first impression. Learning to communicate with others through guest blog posts leads to a stronger grasp on subjects, it broadens an author’s outlook and teaches them how to spread a message in circles that they may not be familiar with. This provides growth and solidifies knowledge in an area of interest, and leads to an easier ability to write about subjects and cater content to different types of audiences. A broader range and outlook will only help the bottom line in the long-term.

Outsourcing and Keeping High Standards

Of course, it does take time to formulate high-quality content that attracts readers and stimulates their minds. An author should never be afraid to outsource this activity if they begin to feel burned out or uninterested in their chosen topic. By outsourcing, it frees up time for marketing and other tasks that are important for success. Blog content should never become boring or stale. If too many bland or boring pieces are put out, an author raises the risk of becoming unneeded and losing interested participants. It takes time to keep content fresh, interesting and entertaining. Valuable content is one of the main reasons why readers gravitate to an author; it should always be top-notch.

A Highly Effective Tool

When high-quality content is streamed to other channels, reaped rewards and benefits are inevitable. Guest posts that contain valuable, high-quality content will continue to create inbound links, networking opportunities, positive exposure and credibility. This tactic should be used by all brands that are striving for success and increased profits in their chosen niche.

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