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How To Do Facebook Marketing Right

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Citizens of the interweb beware! Facebook is going to get even bigger in 2013.

Facebook now has more than one billion members. With an injection of new money from last year’s IPO, it’s set to grow even bigger.

But here’s the thing. Facebook has climbed its way up to a dominating position in social media over just five short years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Which makes me suspect that maybe, just maybe, Zuckerberg could be cooking up some plans to own the entire online social space (gasp!).

I don’t know if that’s ultimately a good or a bad thing, but for the moment, Internet marketers are still loving Facebook. In fact, if you aren’t yet on the Facebook bandwagon and you don’t plan on climbing aboard soon, you’re probably planning on failing.

Facebook remains the MVP of the social media sites. Its massive user base and staggering yet steady growth make every other online property green with envy. But why not admit it? Because of Facebook’s versatility, which enables users to do lots of stuff from post and share photos and videos, to engage in messaging and play games, what’s not to like?

Facebook just clicks, and according to a recent report, Americans spend an average of nearly 8 hours on Facebook every month!

If you are an Internet marketer, no matter what it is you are promoting, Facebook marketing should be included in your program. So let’s talk about how to use it to your advantage as an Internet marketer.

Set clear goals
Before you set out to create a Facebook marketing program for your business, you should define a clear set of goals for what you want to achieve. Besides being clear, your goals should also be measurable and realistic.

An example of a goal for your Facebook marketing campaign might be:

  • To get at least 200 new likes on my business’s Facebook page every month
  • To attract 100 additional subscribers to my updates every month
  • To increase sales by at least 5% every year


Make your goals for creating and managing a Facebook marketing campaign vivid yet achievable.

Really engage with your followers
A decent social media marketing campaign isn’t a one-way street. The whole reason for running a social media campaign is to communicate with your target customers, which means listening to them as well as trying to get and hold their attention.

Keep in mind that social media marketing is relationship driven. It’s not that different from the offline world: If all you do is talk and ignore the people around you, not giving a damn about what they have to say, you’re doomed to end up all alone, forever.

I’ve seen several Facebook pages where all that’s visible are updates, updates, and more updates. Commenting had been disabled!

On the other hand, I’ve seen pages where interaction between the admins and the followers is so lively that if they were out in the real world, they’d be some of the noisiest places you’d ever want to be.

What a highly engaging Facebook page tells us is that the owner is not only in control, but he or she’s got real ways to keep followers interested and responsive. More important, the owner cares about people’s opinions and ideas.

Keeping a Facebook page alive also presents business owners with lots of opportunities to hear about other cool ideas their followers or customers might be interested in giving a try.

A variety show
A Facebook page doesn’t have to be all promotional; perhaps it even shouldn’t be. Think of it as a TV station for your followers where they can get entertainment, information, and potential interaction.

Provide them with lots of useful and highly valuable stuff like How-To posts, jokes, videos, etc. And post lots of them. A good working ratio is to keep your self-promotional content to a maximum of one post in every five or so.

Go ahead and experiment to discover what works for you. It could be intimidating at first, but keep in mind that you are always running the show. Just be natural, as though you are chatting with visitors in your office, showroom, or even a little party you’re throwing. Go create a nice Facebook page for your business, be a pleasant host, and be the boss.

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