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How to Get More Sales From Any Page of Your Site

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SEO and social media marketing can earn you a ton of traffic, but your end goal for that traffic is what actually matters. For some businesses, that end goal is a purchase. For others, it’s a conversion in the form of submitting information. Whatever the case, those end-game conversions are what bring you revenue, and what make all those traffic-generating strategies worth the cost and effort.

Getting those conversions is the hard part. When it comes to content marketing, any moment you take to advertise your services detracts from the sincerity of your material (which is supposed to be organically helpful or informative). The other pages of your site range in opportunity from acceptable to worthless.

Blind pitching probably won’t get you anywhere, but a handful of tweaks could be all you need to make any page of your site a revenue-generating machine. Try these steps to get more sales from anywhere on your site:

Step One: Create an Ideal Destination

articleimage1411 step one

Your first job should be to create an “ideal destination” for your users. This could be a product page where your users make a purchase or a contact form where your users send you information about themselves. Whatever you choose, this is your place to be as salesy as you’d like. It’s the final area where your users can convert. Keep this advertise-y approach separate from the rest of your pages. You can link users there and host a separate page for it, but don’t let that advertising language seep too far into the rest of your site.

Step Two: Maintain Voice and Intention

articleimage1411 step two

In any page you choose, focus on maintaining your brand voice and the intention of the page. For example, your About Us page should detail who you are as a company, how you got started, and what your team is like—not how inexpensive or useful your products are. Be sincere in all your pages, mentioning only what you need to, and if you do want to close with a brief pitch, send people to your “final destination” page.

Step Three: Include Calls to Action on the Sides and Bottom of Your Page

articleimage1411 step three

You’ll have a dedicated page for conversions, but don’t be afraid to include other calls to action on any page of your site—as long as they aren’t obnoxious. For example, you can include a short form on the right side of your page for users to fill out in exchange for more information or a free piece of content, or you can have a small banner ad showcasing your latest products. These features don’t detract from your main page, but do offer the opportunity for conversion.

Step Four: Include a Time-Based Pop-Up

articleimage1411 step four

If those side calls-to-action aren’t enough, you can include a pop-up ad that encourages your users to convert after they’ve spent a certain amount of time on your page. For example, after 30 seconds, you can bring up an ad that requests users’ information. As this ad is more intrusive than the calls-to-action off to the sides, you’ll have to be a little more tactful. For example, you can include an extra value, such as a deeper discount or something valuable in exchange for information, to incentivize users who might otherwise be annoyed.

Step Five: Imply a Sense of Urgency in Your Writing

This is a subtle play, but instilling your users with a slight sense of urgency can positively increase your total number of conversions. For example, writing a blog post with a phrase like “actions you need to take now” or filling your home page with worst-case scenarios and cautions can make users feel like they need to take action—which is exactly what you want.

Step Six: Leave Plenty of Open Space

Even though you’ll be including some advertisements and conversion forms in your individual pages, don’t underestimate or forget the importance of white, empty space. If your users feel assaulted with information—including text, images, or ad content—they’ll be more likely to leave your page than take any meaningful action. Instead, leave plenty of room for the eyes to wander and for the eyes to decompress.

Step Seven: Show Off Your Authority

You are an authority in your industry, so take the time to show it off! Users convert more with brands and websites they actively trust, so include your credentials on every significant page. For example, if you’ve been featured in certain publications or have earned certain credentials, include that information in the footer. That little extra boost of authority can make the difference when you’re trying to get more sales.

Step Eight: Experiment With AB Testing

Last but not least, remember that users are unpredictable, and slight changes can make a significant difference in their behavior. Try different designs and different layouts and compare them side by side by applying them to different pages on your site. Use this comparison to see which changes are effective and which ones are not, then apply that knowledge to the rest of your strategy.

If you can successfully implement these eight steps in the pages of your choosing, you should start to see dramatic results within the span of a few weeks. If you don’t see a greater percentage of your visitors converting, it’s probably because you’re doing something wrong. Tinker with a few design and layout changes, and see if it makes a difference. Don’t stop changing things until you can find a measurable difference.

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