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How to Improve Content Credibility with Google Author Rank

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Not so long ago, it was difficult to determine the credibility and quality of a piece of online content. Users had to go through several processes to verify facts in an online article. Search engines had no filters to determine the authenticity of the information that went into their index.

But today, with the introduction of Google Author Rank, that situation has changed.

Author Rank is a new system Google uses to cut down the spam content that litters the Internet. It aims to provide users with search results that feature better and more reliable content. It’s intended as a filter to protect users against useless information that may surface when they search via Google. Most importantly, it helps users find the most accurate information fast.

But how does Author Rank work? As a publisher, blogger, or online entrepreneur, how can you take advantage of this powerful new online tool? And how can it improve your online business?

How Author Rank works

Author Rank is a system that determines the quality of content based on the credibility or reputation of its author. It was introduced into Google’s search algorithm in 2011. With this system, the quality score of a piece of content increases with the perceived value or credibility of its author. This increased credibility leads to higher placement in the search results, resulting in increased organic search traffic.

Author Rank seeks to improve user experience by providing not only the most relevant content, but also the most authoritative in terms of authorship. This means that the more authority the author is perceived to possess by Google, the more credible his or her new content becomes.

But Author Rank is not a replacement for PageRank. Instead, it’s a separate system that instructs Google PageRank to weigh content more appropriately.

In order to get Author Rank working, you have to set it up through your Google+ profile. I’ll show you how to do this below.

How Author Rank Works for Authors, Publishers, and Online Entrepreneurs

Bloggers and writers vie for strong online credibility to put their content in front of the right audience. Online business owners strive to build a strong reputation as a method of locating and locking in a lucrative customer base.

That’s where Author Rank can help.

Quality and consistency is key to building a strong reputation with Author Rank. Obviously, the more high-quality content that bloggers, writers, and online entrepreneurs provide on a consistent basis, the more data Google will have at their disposal with which to determine how to rank online content.

How to Build a Solid Author Rank

There are hundreds of factors that Google Author Rank takes into account when determining a site’s ranking. Some of these include:

  • Social signals — The growth of social media has made it a significant ranking factor. Shares, likes, and Google +1’s associated with an author and his/her existing content play significant roles in Author Rank.
  • Quality of links to the author’s content — The higher the quality and authority of sites that link to an author’s content, the better his or her chances for garnering a favorable Author Rank.
  • Users’ reactions in the form of mentions and comments — User comments or mentions, whether negative or positive, could be a driving factor with Author Rank.
  • Freshness or timeliness of topics — Freshness of content also plays a key role in ranking.
  • Pagerank of author’s content.


Although there are probably many others, these factors should give you a sense of how you to build a solid position in Author Rank: Publish exceedingly excellent content, share it with your social networks, engage in discussions within the comments section of each post, and always work on building inbound links to your existing content.

How to Set up Google Authorship and Build Your Author Rank

Ready to boost your online reputation? The first step is to set up Google Authorship. Thereafter, you’ll automatically build your Author Rank with every new article you publish. Setting up Authorship is a breeze. First, you have to configure your Google+ profile for Author Rich Snippets. Follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Google+ account, if you haven’t already. You can do this at
  • Go to your Google+ profile “edit” section and link the websites for which you are an author in the “Contributor to” section near the bottom of your profile page. Simply inputting the homepage of the publisher will suffice.
  • You will be provided with a code to embed into your posts. For more information on how to embed the code, click here.

Here’s what your pages in search results will look like after you’ve successfully set up Google Authorship:

google authorship markup

Notice the headshot next to the search result. This headshot draws the eye of the searcher, improving click-through rates and increasing traffic to your website, along with leads and sales.


By setting yourself up for Google Author Rank, you’ll be able to position yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field. More highly targeted people will find your content.

For help in setting up Google Author Rank, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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      Christian Cook

      As a small business owner, I could not agree more. Our developers produce written content in their field to boost organic SEO. It also benefits self development within a company.

      …Eventually we will have a field of developers who have an art in storytelling.

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    Pete Dancewicz

    I run a number of websites and also do training for my clients, Author Rank is definitely a topic that is discussed and applied as part of their over all strategy.
    Great to see other people promoting this.

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    Thanks for this really easy to understand post! although it’s dated a few months ago – still very relevant in my eyes anyway 🙂

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    Kamal Hasa

    I really think this has been a great move by Google, credible writers can now prove their worth and continue producing good content on the web.

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