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How to Launch an Effective Viral Marketing Campaign

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Viral marketing is the Holy Grail of online marketers. With viral marketing, a brand has the potential to amass huge amounts of traffic from a highly interested audience.

The result is instant brand awareness within a minimal amount of time. But the thing with viral marketing is that content has to be both highly engaging and easy to share.

What follows are the most basic yet powerful steps toward launching an effective viral marketing campaign for your online business.

Keep your marketing campaign as simple as possible

articleimage596Keep your marketing campaign as simple as possible

Your viral marketing strategy is just a way for your marketing message to be delivered. What really matters is the message.

If you use intricate and complex marketing presentations, you run the risk of drowning out your message. That’s why it’s crucial to use simple marketing tactics to highlight the message you want to get across.

Make the value of your message stand out so it’s share-worthy.

Create a list of ideas

articleimage596Create a list of ideas

It takes time for a great idea to be realized. Don’t rush things. Take the time to brainstorm for great marketing messages that people would find interesting and would be inspired to share to other people.

Make a list of ideas and add to that list every day. Allow those ideas to build naturally over time.

And when an idea seems finally ripe, execute it quickly, without delay. Finish your project as swiftly as you can to keep it fresh, especially if your idea relates to a timely issue.

Make your marketing message relevant

Your marketing message should be relevant. This is important because it’s easier to draw a crowd of interested audience if they can relate to your message.

A parody of a timely issue is often a hit across a wide range of viewers because people can relate to it easily. However, you want to be sure not to drown out the essence of your marketing message with it. It’s fine to use humor, but keep the main message central to your campaign.


Nothing will ruin a great idea more thoroughly than poor execution. Make every element of your marketing campaign fresh and visually appealing to your audience.

By creating a content that is worthy of other bloggers’ attention, you will compel them to write about your content — which could lead to additional viral exposure for your content.

And don’t forget: when bloggers and other marketers do write about your content, be sure to acknowledge them. This will help you create lasting relationships with other online marketers who have helped your content to become viral.

Optimize your content for both search and social media

articleimage596 Optimize your content for both search and social media

People should be able to replicate your message effortlessly. That’s the reason it’s crucial to optimize your content not only for search, but also for social media.

When you optimize for social media, you have to make it easy for your audience to share your content on Facebook and other social networking sites by including social media share buttons for Facebook Like, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.

When people find your content share-worthy, they won’t hesitate to click on any of the share buttons to show their friends what they have stumbled upon.


If you are an online marketer, your marketing messages should be highly visible and shareable. By adhering to practices that give your marketing messages the best opportunity to go viral, you will enjoy a flood of attention to your message in only a short amount of time.

Allow us to help you build awesome marketing campaigns for your business by utilizing some of the most compelling social media marketing strategies available. This will enable your business to grow virally. Contact us for more information and to learn about the options that are out there for you.

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