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How to Measure Social Media Objectives

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Social media is more than just a buzz word; it has become a way of life, as well as an indispensable marketing channel for the modern online business.

Its indispensability has enabled hundreds of successful businesses to gain increased exposure and conversion.

However, a lot of online marketers and traditional business owners still don’t get social media. They sign up and don’t know what to make of it.

Experienced social media marketers know that social media marketing requires not only financial investment, but also time and resources. They make the most of their marketing campaigns not just by solid implementation, but by crunching the numbers available through social media metrics. This helps them determine what works and what doesn’t.

In other words, smart marketers measure the success of their social media objectives.

The key to successful social media marketing is starting with the goal in mind. You need to know up front: What are your objectives?

Measuring what can be measured
What’s your goal for using social media in your business? Is it to expose your brand to a wider audience for better brand awareness?

Is your objective to drive sales and increase revenue? Are you looking to improve customer service via social media pages? Or is your ultimate goal to increase traffic to your site on a consistent basis?

Whatever your goals are for using social media, the social space is replete with tools and resources that will help you monitor your progress and reach your goals. Armed with these tools and resources, you should be able to gauge how you’re doing and figure out what needs improvement.

Below are some of the tools to help you achieve your social media objectives. The great news is that some of them are free.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics offers a tremendous wealth of information. It shows you where traffic is coming from, which keywords people use to find you, and which social media channels brought them to your site.

Google Analytics also provides you with rich insights into which posts within your social media pages are the most popular among your followers. It allows you to monitor conversions so you will know who ended up on your site from your social media channels and made a purchase.

Monitoring your social influence
There are great online tools to help you determine your social influence. Sites such as Klout and PeerIndex enable you to get a good idea of how influential your brand is online (or not). These tools show you how far your reach goes on the Web and how effectively you influence others.

By determining how well your influence plays online, you should get a good grasp of how well you’re doing in terms of realizing your social media goals.

Tracking conversations
As they say, most of the time listening is far more effective than speaking. By listening, you gain more than by shooting off your mouth.

Of course you need to promote, but you also have to track mentions made in the social space about your brand. You need to be warned, however, that you may not always be pleased with what you “hear” people saying about your brand. Listening to negative mentions about you and your brand could discourage you from listening further.

Good or bad, every mention of you, your product, or your services, is worth every bit of your time. When you find out what people don’t like about you and where they’ve been saying so, you will be able to acknowledge them and respond accordingly.

To track conversations about your brand, you can use services like Google Alerts.

There are other tools for tracking and measuring your social media objectives out there. Even Facebook has its own tracker to help you determine how you’re doing in terms of reaching your goal.

For more information on achieving your social media objectives, contact us and we’ll show you some great options.

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