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How to Monitor Your Social Media Influence

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Monitoring your social media influence is crucial to determine the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. In fact, the need to do so has ushered in a whole new industry that helps businesses assess their online marketing success.

Now that Internet marketers have realized they need accurate measurements of their social media influence, firms like Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, and Twitalyzer have arisen, all claiming to have a head start in providing companies with social media monitoring services.

Each of these companies offers innovative tools to help other people gauge the effectiveness of their social media marketing activities.

What these companies do is to listen in to, or search for and analyze, social media signals that are crucial to determine a company’s social media score. They also help marketers determine the most influential people they can reach out to.

The need to measure social influence

Social media influence is critical for online corporate marketing.

There are various reasons why companies need to measure social media influence, but one of the biggest is that such information enables them to develop better tools for identifying their target markets. They can more skillfully determine how best to sell their brands.

It also empowers companies to reach out to highly influential people who may help them spread the word about their business. Influential people have the credibility to get their followers to respond to their opinions positively and accept them.

The following are descriptions of some of the prominent companies that provide analytics and services that will help you identify influential people in the social media space.


One of the most popular providers of social media analytics today is Klout. It has a proprietary technology that analyzes individuals’ interactions and activities on social networking sites as well as on other social media channels.

Klout assigns a value between 1 and 100 to each person, where 100 goes to the people who have the most influence on social media. Some of the details that Klout looks at when determining scores include social media likes, comments, posts, and other interactions that occur on social media.

This firm’s scopes are mostly focused on each individual’s Facebook and Twitter activities.


PeerIndex is another popular tool that provides incredible social media metrics. Among the factors it measures is a person’s authority on social media. It evaluates authority according to sub-scores for specific topics or industries.


Twitalyzer, on the other hand, focuses more exclusively on interactions that occur on Twitter. While it’s mostly free to use, the free service it offers has limited capabilities.

To get the best out of Twitalyzer, it is highly recommended that you consider using their premium service, which starts at $4.99 per month and allows you to measure multiple Twitter accounts.


Kred is a relative newcomer, but it is already turning into a force to be reckoned with in the social influence-scoring industry. It launched in 2011.

If you are inclined to choose only one of the highlighted tools here, go with Klout. The reason for this recommendation is that Klout uses a lot more factors than any of the other services. It looks at various types of social media and scopes an array of activities.

Among the activities that Klout takes into consideration are retweets and shares. These can certainly form a considerable portion of a person’s influence (or clout) on social media.

Of course, nothing should stop you from using any of the other social media influence-measuring services. It depends on your preference as well as the type of information you require.


Because social media is certain to grow larger, and it will undoubtedly become an increasingly substantial part of what we do, and how we interact with other people, it’s time you use social media influence-measuring tools to make your marketing campaigns much more effective.

We can help you customize your social media marketing efforts. Contact us to find out more.

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