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How to Optimize for Increased Conversion Rate

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Increasing conversion rate is one of the main reasons we Internet marketers do what we do.

We’re here to make a living, and we devote hundreds of hours to making things just right for our online campaigns so profits roll in even while we sleep.

But increasing conversion rate isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Some strategies work. Some don’t.

Even more frustrating is the fact that because the search engines constantly tweak their technologies, what works today may no longer do the job tomorrow.

Being an online entrepreneur can be simply exhausting.

There are many things to consider beyond the technologies involved — such as making sure that each customer concern is understood and addressed . . . understanding that taking risks in exchange for long-term gains is part of the game . . . providing high-value content . . .  taking advantage of the various online media, and a whole lot more.

With regard to optimizing your website, it isn’t a one-time gig. It’s actually an ongoing process that involves lots of reviewing and testing. In this post, we’ll discuss several tips on optimizing your site for conversion rate — the one thing we strive for the most during our online marketing duties.

Take advantage of survey software
Some potential customers don’t complete the online shopping process. Some change their minds at the last minute and abandon their shopping carts. Why is that?

If only there was a way for you to know what to tweak on your checkout page to prevent customers from abandoning the purchase. And why do other customers leave your sign-up page even before they’ve completed the form?

These are crucial questions that need addressing; finding out the reasons is actually pretty easy if you ask the right questions.

By adding a survey tool to your checkout page, you provide an opportunity for your customers to have their say about what they think of your checkout process. They may wonder about certain things involved in checkout, such as how credit cards are charged, or whether their card will be charged within the 30-day trial period.

Surveys also help to determine if customers prefer a checkout process they may have experienced with other merchants and found more convenient. By collecting data from such surveys, you will know how to tweak crucial processes and encourage more customers to complete their business with you.

Make content longer if it works
Why do long landing or sales pages work? Because they run very long content that seems to bombard visitors with tons of information. Allow me to explain. Certain pages require a minimum amount of content to keep their visitors engaged. That’s certainly the case for blog posts and some news pages.

But in the case of sales pages, not all prospects progress to their buying decision right away. They may need more solid proof that what they are about to purchase is what they really want.

By including tons of details on your sales page, you can address any questions your prospects may have right away. And with lists of benefits, videos, and testimonies, you will help them arrive at a buying decision.

Also, you should know that long content with lots of details and information tends to rank well in searches.

However, this may not be the case for some sales pages. That’s why it’s crucial to test . . . and then test some more. In one experiment, the content on some pages was extended to 20 times its original length. A staggering 30% increase in performance over the original version followed.

But it’s not about the length. It boils down to following copywriting best practices, keeping the content engaging by using various media, and the use of persuasive writing skills. As long as you can keep your readers’ interest white hot throughout the entire content, you will convert them into buying customers.

Incorporate video that mirrors text-based content
Why do you think sites such as Mashable, CNN, and Yahoo! include video in the same page as the story’s text version? Video makes the page more compelling and more engaging.

Videos hold people’s attention better and clarify things that have already been delivered by the text. They’re perhaps the most persuasive form of media. In one study that included two versions of one message, conversion rate improved by an impressive 60%. Why is that?

Different people learn in different ways. Some people are primarily visual. Some are auditory. Some are kinesthetic. By including various forms of media in your message, you will make it easier to convert people who are persuaded in different ways.

Take advantage of one-time discount offers
This is especially useful for account upgrades. Upselling is a wonderful way to gain more from your current customers. By upgrading your customers, you will create increased value for them.

However, there is a risk that your sales will stall if you offer great discounts too often. Savvy customers will start to delay making a purchase until they see discount offers. That’s why it’s recommended to offer them sparingly, or you will risk looking like you are desperate to push your products.

A solution is to offer one-time discounts to new customers. This makes your offer more interesting to potential buyers and encourages them to act immediately for fear of losing the opportunity if they don’t act soon.

There are other ways to convert your visitors into paying customers, but these recommendations should be sufficient to help you think of your own ways to optimize content for better conversion.

Optimizing for conversion isn’t a walk in the park. It takes testing and a lot patience to see what works and what doesn’t. If you need help to determine what your site needs to improve conversion, contact us today for a free site assessment.

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