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How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Pull In Prospects for Your Copywriting Business

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One of the most lucrative ventures into which you can make a foray this year is copywriting. Believe me, I know lots of people who make a comfortable living from freelance copywriting.

But the thing with this line of work is that you need to maintain a healthy number of prospects. Otherwise, there will not be enough projects for you to work on — and not much food to put on the table. That’s why freelance copywriters should always be on the lookout for new prospects.

Prospecting is the lifeblood of every business, and businesses are constantly doing things to expand their client base. A copywriter needs to reach out to prospects, send out samples, and do interviews with as many potential clients as possible. If a copywriter manages to land at least two copywriting gigs every month, that will keep him or her busy for a while.

If you’re a budding copywriter struggling to find a constant stream of fresh prospects for your business, I’ve got great news for you. There’s a great social media tool for your prospecting needs at your disposal: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is steadily evolving into the default hiring tool for thousands of companies worldwide. It has also become a favorite tool for enterprising individuals who are looking for business partnerships, angel investors, employers, and prospective customers.

LinkedIn has become the Facebook of the online job marketplace.

Let’s talk about how creating a LinkedIn profile can help you find new prospects of your copywriting business.

But first, as a copywriter, you should memorize this mantra:

Create a LinkedIn profile the same way you would a sales page

After all, your LinkedIn profile serves as an online resume. It’s your personal sales page.

A thoroughly complete and optimized LinkedIn profile showcases your skills, education, expertise, and a summary of your accomplishments.

You want to complete your LinkedIn profile and optimize it for the job for which you’re hoping to get hired, because a completely optimized LinkedIn page makes it easy for prospective clients to find you.

The Professional Headline. As a copywriter, get creative with your profile. Maximize LinkedIn’s features to your advantage. On the Basic Information section of your profile editor, there’s a Professional “Headline” field. Many people simply declare their prime skill, for example:

John Smith

Online Copywriter

While this certainly identifies John Smith’s expertise, it lacks the zest and enthusiasm the typical employer is looking for in a copywriter.

Get creative. Write a Professional Headline the same way you would a sales page headline.

Consider the following alternative:

John Smith

Online Copywriter – Helping businesses sell more and earn more with powerful sales page copies

The Summary. The summary section should act as your profile’s hook. It’s the section that should keep your prospective customers’ interest white hot.

Here, you can write a three-paragraph summary of your expertise, your personal successes, and several reasons why they should hire you.

You can also include links to the landing pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages you created for other clients.

The summary may also include a call to action, in which you tell your prospective clients what they can do next to work with you, and give your contact information.

You can close the summary section with a line like:

Let’s talk about your copywriting needs TODAY. I would like to hear about how I can help you sell more and earn more with compelling sales pages. Email me at or call XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Experience. Be sure to include all related experiences for your copywriting service. Be as detailed as possible: include the names of the companies or clients you’ve written for, the dates, and a brief description that summarizes the projects.

Skills and Expertise. This is one of the new profile features that LinkedIn rolled out recently. You can now add a skill or expertise you want to be tagged with so people can find you easily with keywords. Tag your profile with as many related skills and areas of expertise as possible.

Some of the skills and expertise you can tag yourself with include “SEO Copywriter,” “Copywriter,” “Online Copywriter,” “Article Marketer,” etc.

You don’t always have to cold-call your prospects. Just create a complete and highly optimized profile on LinkedIn that lists the skill sets for which you wish to get hired.

Thousands of Internet marketers and online copywriters have found lucrative offers and projects just by creating a comprehensive and optimized profile on LinkedIn.

They didn’t have to rely heavily on SEO and article marketing. All they did was create a highly optimized LinkedIn page that properly highlighted their skills and experiences.


Go create a profile for your copywriting business today with LinkedIn. Follow the optimization practices described here and in time your prospects will naturally find you … without your having to sweat it.

For more information on our copywriting services for your business, contact us today.

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