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How to Use Tumblr as a Business Tool

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The social media space is a steadily expanding arena. It’s providing us with a whole new and better way to connect with people. For business, social media is providing a whole new and extremely powerful way to grow.

But among the social media tools that are helpful to businesses, there’s one that is often overlooked. It’s called Tumblr.

Tumblr is primarily a popular blogging tool, especially among writers and creative individuals. Despite that popularity and its potential as a business tool, many companies have simply overlooked it.

What’s especially useful about Tumblr is that you can use it as a link-building tool. With its link-building capability, Tumblr can refine your blogging and SEO techniques, and thereby expand your online business.

Tumblr up close Tumblr is a free blogging platform, much like Google’s The absence of ads is one of the reasons it’s so popular among readers and bloggers. While a majority of Tumblr users are between the ages of 14 and 24, it has also recently become popular among older consumers.

Tumblr can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use this platform for traditional blogging, sharing photos, posting videos, and even audio content. Because of its multi-purpose and easy-to-use interface, it’s an ideal web marketing platform for novice and veteran marketers alike.

Others use Tumblr as a companion for their blogging campaigns as well as an additional channel to market content. You will find that posts on Tumblr are extremely easy to share across a wide range of other social media sites.

So how do you use Tumblr for your business? There’s a world of possibilities for businesses on Tumblr. In light of the recent updates from Google, people who are just starting out with content and online marketing can get a great head start when piggybacking on authority sites such as Tumblr.

Tumblr is, after all, a highly authoritative site in the judgment of the search engines. By using Tumblr as a marketing platform, as long as you provide high-quality and original content, your marketing campaign will climb search rankings fast.

Tumblr as a local search marketing tool Because Tumblr is so easy to use and is extremely customizable, it’s a perfect companion to your local search marketing campaign. You can customize your Tumblr blog’s title tags, meta description tags, and keyword tags to include keywords that you are optimizing for that spell “local.”

You can create a Tumblr blog for your business that should focus more on your small business, the location of your business, the surrounding communities, and establishments that are easily identifiable local landmarks. Then you can syndicate your business’s Facebook page to your Tumblr blog and help you grow your Tumblr blog’s follower base.

This also helps to ensure that a growing number of fellow Tumblr users have the ability to re-blog your content, resulting in higher rankings for your page in search.

Link building with Tumblr To use Tumblr as a link-building tool, we recommend the following activities:

  • You can change the settings in your Tumblr account to redirect users to your main blog.
  • Proactively re-blog or “heart” your posts to create links.
  • Follow blogs on Tumblr that are relevant to your niche and re-blog or “heart” some of their posts. This will encourage Tumblr users to follow you back and re-blog or “heart” your posts, which will create even more links for your content.

The power of Tumblr sidebar Tumblr doesn’t support ads for now, but there’s a way for your post or business to get ultra-popular and gain massive followers in Tumblr. Youcandothisbyusing Tumblr’s sidebar. Posts that end up on Tumblr’s sidebar have been re-blogged, liked, and shared many times. There’s a chance for your post to end up in Tumblr’s sidebar if you manage to create very engaging, useful, and valuable content for your niche.

Conclusion Tumblr is a highly authoritative site. As such, Google loves it. By creating a page for your business on Tumblr to complement your marketing efforts, you’ll see dramatic results in terms of increasing numbers of followers and elevated conversion.

To find out more about using social media for your business, contact us for a score card.

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