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How to Write More Exciting Content for Your Industry

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articleimage1113 How to Write More Exciting Content for Your Industr

Let’s face it. Some industries are more boring than others. Sexy industries, like technological development, are naturally more thrilling to write about and publicize than more traditional industries like manufacturing or banking. Few people can work up enthusiasm while reading about bolt manufacturing the same way they can about new drone-based delivery apps.

At least, this is the perception. The truth is that every industry in the world has the potential to be exciting—some potentials are just a little easier to tap into. The more exciting you can make your content, the more attention you can generate for your business, and of course, more attention is always a good thing for a brand.

If you work in what you believe to be a “boring” industry, try some of these strategies to liven up your content—you just might find your business is far more exciting than you previously imagined.

Use Storytelling

articleimage1113 Use Storytelling

It’s tough to think of your content in terms of a narrative, especially if you’re constantly ingrained in the technical details of your industry, but framing your content in the form of a story can go a long way in making it more exciting. For example, if you’re used to writing posts about the technical details of your manufacturing process, you might have difficulty thinking beyond the numbers and technical lingo that usually go along with it. Instead, force yourself to weave a narrative—tell the story of the journey each product makes throughout your factory. Tell the story of how a product gets to your consumer. Of course, the type of story you tell and how you tell it is up to you—just make sure it has a beginning, middle, and end.

Make Your Content Relatable

articleimage1113 Make Your Content Relatable

One of the biggest symptoms of a “boring” industry is its lack of relatability. Imagine yourself describing where you work to a stranger—can you imagine the stranger responding “I don’t know anything about that”? If so, your content likely fails to generate enthusiasm simply because people can’t relate to it. If this is the case, work to make your content more down to earth. Focus on topics that affect the common person. Replace technical terms with more ambiguous but easier-to-understand colloquial terms. Relate the topics of your industry to those that are more familiar.

Create Opportunities to Pique Curiosity

articleimage1113 Create Opportunities to Pique Curiosity

Curiosity is a natural driver of excitement. Think of all the articles on the web you’ve clicked to read simply because of a tease in the headline—something like “and you won’t believe what happens next.” Even though we’re not directly interested in the main topic of this content, our curiosity gets the better of us. You can use this to your advantage in practically any industry; use suspense and teasing language to draw your readers in. This is especially useful when applied to the title or the introduction of your article.

Embed Images

Spicing up your content with some embedded images can be far more beneficial than it sounds. For example, if you’re explaining a complicated process within your industry, take some pictures of it happening in real time and include them alongside your descriptions. If you can’t effectively visualize your content topic, you can always use memes and other entertaining images to illustrate your points in an alternative format.

Make Your Pieces Interactive

articleimage1113 Make Your Pieces Interactive

When your posts become more interactive, the engagement factor increases, and you’ll have an easier time attracting more people to your content. As an added bonus, your content will be shared more frequently, and your readership will multiply even further. How you make your piece interactive is up to you—you could embed an interactive calculator to demonstrate a principle in real time, you could include a brief quiz or survey that users can take, or you could even go the simple route and just open the post for discussion.

Get Creative With Metaphors

To get away from the “boring” factor of your industry, relate it to something else entirely with a creative metaphor. Compare your subject matter to something more familiar or more interesting; this is especially effective when your target audience isn’t necessarily familiar with your industry from the get-go. The more creative, the better, so long as your metaphors make sense in context.

Make Concise Points

Some types of content get bogged down simply by their length. Highly technical and niche industries often demand long-winded, descriptive content, but that approach can actively drive users away. Instead, work to find concise points within the body of your content, and format your piece to highlight those points—for example, you could include a bulleted list of potential benefits to the process you describe. This will make your post more scannable and more digestible to audiences who may otherwise be alienated by its girth.

Leverage Controversy

Some businesses make it a point to stay away from controversy. They keep their opinions in the middle of the road and try not to mention any topic that could unsettle any portion of their audience. But if you want to make your content more exciting, you have to fight against this notion. Don’t be afraid to take a stand on a controversial issue; you might alienate a portion of your audience, but those that remain will be even more interested in what you have to say. Plus, you’re bound to stir up a discussion!

Even if you don’t work in a traditionally “boring” industry, you can use these strategies to make your content more exciting, and therefore more appealing to your target audience. With practice, you’ll become even better at making your content more fun to read, and before you know it, it will all come naturally.

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