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How to Improve Your Site by Scouting Your Competition

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Managing a successful blog or website is not always simple, especially if you have plans and dreams of growing your traffic and expanding the audience you reach daily. When you want to improve your site, there are a few ways to go about doing so by scouting your competition that can ultimately result in not only more page views and visitors, but even generated revenue and income. The more you understand about your competition regardless of the industry you are representing, the easier it becomes to deliver the products, services or content your audience desires.

The Importance of Scouting Your Competition Online

Looking into the competition you have online when you want to improve your own site is not only a way for you to gain insight into slight changes you can make to your website, but it is also a way for you to gauge different upcoming trends you may face in the future depending on the industry you are working in. Scouting the competition you have online is also a way for you to compare prices, sales and methods of promotion other brands and businesses are using in their marketing campaigns and plans. The more you study various competition you have online, the easier it becomes to create campaigns that are more effective and useful once you begin promoting your own services, merchandise or the content you are publishing and sharing online.

Take Note of Design and Layout


When you want to truly understand the success of competitors you have online that are also selling similar products, offering the same services or publishing relevant content as your own website, it’s important to always remember to take note of the design and layout of sites you visit that are considered successful today.

Because first impressions not only matter when meeting others professionally but also when browsing online, the overall layout and design of a site can ultimately mean the difference between keeping a users’ interest or causing them to leave your website within a few seconds of viewing it. A “bounce rate” of a website is the percentage of users who visit your website, view one page and leave. Lowering the bounce rate of any website can be done by understanding proper and modern design along with color schemes that work well together. Additionally, it is also important to ensure your website loads properly in different browsers, with various operating systems and even with mobile and tablet devices.

It is also advisable to browse through various magazines and different online CSS galleries to compare site layouts and navigation designs. Comparing different designs and layouts before you update your own site is a way to ensure you are providing your online visitors and users with a platform that is not only engaging and useful, but is also visually-appealing. In order to appear modern and professional, a layout that is well-formatted and visually stunning is highly recommended, whether you want to appear to locals who live near you or if you plan to sell the items you offer to customers internationally.

Provide Commenting Systems


Many successful online websites, communities and even social networks always ensure that their users have the ability to quickly and easily communicate or respond to updates and conversation from family, friends and even strangers. Implementing a commenting system into your own website or blog not only helps to spark the conversation from your visitors, but it also gives your loyal followers and fans a platform to voice their own opinions regarding the business, brand or content you are promoting online.

Implement Social Media

Implementing social media is a must when you want to outdo your competition and if you want to stand out among the brands and companies within the industry you are working in and promoting. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Tumblr are all platforms for you to reach hundreds and thousands of users, even if your competitors are not currently utilizing social media themselves.

In addition to updating your followers with news, information and even product releases instantaneously, social media also gives you an additional platform to host discussions and to communicate directly and on a personal level with all of your followers and online fans. The more interactive you are with your online followers with the use of social media, the easier it is to keep them engaged with your pages and interested with the content and information you share.

You can also use social media to share promotions, sales and even contests or giveaways you want to host with your brand or company online. Using social media to share products, services and giveaways is a way for you to connect with your audience while also increasing the hype over your brand and business.

Implementing social media within a website is possible not only by using embedded codes available from the networks themselves, but it is also possible with the use of plugins and software such as WordPress, whether you are running a blog, an eCommerce site or a corporate website. Ensuring your website and brand has all social media pages set up to represent your company is essential if you are seeking maximum reach and if you are interested in staying up to date with the most current and latest trends in all markets.

Upgrade Your Hosting or Servers


When you visit other websites and blogs and you notice their loading speeds are much quicker than yours, consider the current hosting service and provider you are using and the type of services you may need to upgrade to for your brand and business. Upgrading the hosting services you have is not only a way for you to get faster loading speeds and times, but it is also a way for you to receive more bandwidth and overall space to store your uploaded content and media. Additionally, the faster your website loads its content, the easier it is for search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google to find your site and all of the content it has to offer.

Compare Trendy Content

It is also important to stay on top of the latest trendy content and news being shared within the field or industry you are working in. Any time you are reading or reviewing the websites of competitors in your market, comparing the hottest articles and the most trending content is a way for you to gather more ideas for your own publications in the future that are relevant, yet also original. Subscribing to receive keyword alerts is another way to ensure you are always are of the latest new locally, within your state or region, or even internationally. Knowing how to find and compare the current trending content in your industry is a way to ensure you are always capable of delivering what your visitors want to see.

The more you understand about the competition you have in your current market, the easier it is to form effective advertising and marketing campaigns that work well to reach your intended demographic. Knowing how to go about improving your own site to better reach your audience is a way for you to stay ahead of online competition whether you are promoting a local or internationally-based brand.


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