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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 30 Minutes

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Increasing your blog traffic in 30 minutes is a tall task, but there are ways that you can make this happen. You can use any of the steps laid out below to bring in more readers in 30 minutes. However, you must remember that you can grow your readership in the half hour after that, as well. You can go for short term results, but your ultimate goal should be loyal readers who come back in the future.

Take the steps listed below as a framework for growing your readership. You may not gain a thousand followers before the hour is out, but you may see instant gains. These instant gains should cause you to do even more to improve your blog.


Choose Trending Topics

You could spend a half hour every day bringing in new readers if you spent some time writing on trending topics. You must be willing to write about something that is trending on social media or that is controversial. You cannot worry about what people think. Some people will absolutely hate what you say, but they will come to find out if you have more to say in the future.

The people who hate what you write are going to tell all your friends how terrible your blog is, and all their friends are going to come to your site. You have increased your readership among a group of people who do not even like you. You must remember that some of the people who were referred to your hatefully will leave your blog enjoying it and wanting more. Any press is good press.

The people who visit your blog because they love what you are saying are even more likely to return. They will refer more people because they have positive things to say, but they do not refer many more people than those who do not like you. People say they will stop reading a blog, listening to a radio show or watching a TV show, but they simply cannot stay away. Your blog does not have to be a train wreck, but your blog should be a place where bold ideas are presented boldly. People respond to passionate ideas, and your passionate ideas deserve to be heard.


Market Yourself On Social Media

Social media is a place where you can create readership that has not visited your blog yet. You can link your blog to your social media accounts so that every new blog post is listed on social media. You could invest some time in a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to come away with quite a large following.

Your Facebook links could be posted to your personal account. Every one of your friends can click the link you provide to visit your blog. If they choose to share your link, all their friends will have a chance to visit your blog. Word can spread on Facebook relatively quickly.

Twitter is a much more effective way to bring in readers. If you choose to write about something that is trending, you must use the trending hashtag that is associated with your topic on Twitter. You could write about race relations and use the hashtag #racism. Anyone who is searching for that hashtag will see your article link as one of their results. Millions of people search for hashtags every day, and your blog post can spread like wildfire because anyone in the world with a Twitter account can find you.

Tumblr takes this a step further. Tumblr allows you to bring the content to your readers. People on Tumblr get a preview of the blog post when they see it on their dashboard. They can read just a few lines before they choose to click on the link and visit your blog. If you have several hundred followers, many of them will likely reblog the post. All their followers will see the same post, and this gives many people a chance to visit your blog. Tumblr also allows tagging so you can help people find your contact based on their search for a keyword.

articleimage327 Partner With Other Blogs

Partner With Other Blogs

When you partner with other blogs, you can share links to your work with people who have a larger readership than you. You may partner with someone who has several thousand regular readers, and posting just one link on their site could lead to several thousand hits on your site. Someone who has a popular blog could improve your readership in ten minutes just because of the size of their following.

You may also want to let other blogs use you as a partner. A popular blogger who posts one item on your blog could easily drive several hundred readers to your site all at once. Their endorsement is enough to bring their readers over, and you will be able to share these readers because people can simply open another browser window just for your blog.

Write A Follow-Up

If you wrote a popular blog post or story on your site, you must be willing to do follow-ups to those posts. The people that so enjoyed the first post will jump at the chance to read a follow-up post. You may not be in the mood to write a sequel, but you must be willing to give the people what they want. If you know that a series of blogs is popular, you need to write in that series until you run out of ideas.

Interact With Readers

The beauty of social media and blogging in today’s world is that you can directly interact your readers below each post that you write. Your readers can post comments on what they have just read. You can respond to those comments, and the commentary below can become just as popular as the story. Your dialogue may be shared by other people on social media, but you should be sharing this content, as well. When you post your responses to comments on your social media pages, you are urging people to read the content and the comments. People will spend more time on your site reading everything you have to offer, and you will gain increased readership quickly because people will want to tell their friends about the witty new blogger they found.

Be Persistent

You must write every day if you want to improve and gain new readers. You can go out and increase your blog traffic in 30 minutes today, but what will you do tomorrow? You must continue to follow the same steps to get better results by the day. Bloggers who allow their blogs to run cold for more than a couple days are often thought to have abandoned their blog. The work you did to gain readership could be undone by a lack of consistency and drive.

You can change your life with a blog that is gaining more traffic every day, but you have to follow the steps above to gain the readership numbers you are looking for. You can make changes that will increase your readership a half hour from now, but you must have a plan to do the same thing over and over if you wish to be successful.


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