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Why Isn’t a Search For My Company Bringing Up My Homepage?

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Whether you are running a local business of your own or if you manage an online eCommerce store, getting your company’s homepage into well-known search engines is not as simple as creating a web page and publishing it live. Understanding the importance of SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a way for you to ensure your website is as optimized as possible for your content, products and company’s information to be quickly located when potential customers are searching for relevant keywords.

articleimage199What is Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, involves the optimization of websites based on specific keywords that are most prominently used within updates to represent products, services or content that is published and shared. Optimizing a website is a way to improve overall search engine rankings. The more optimized your content and site is overall, the easier it is to reach any target audience or demographic you have in mind.

Submitting Your URL to Search Engines

Once you have purchased a domain for your company and you have created a website that is live, it is important to submit your website’s URL to search engines. Submitting your site’s official URL can be done by visiting the official homepages of Google, Yahoo! and even Bing among other search engines you prefer to use when you want to share your site.

Submitting your website into a search engine allows the search engine itself to become aware of your site’s URL to start virtually “crawling” your website’s pages. Web crawling allows search engines to detect the most used keywords as well as other hints that can be used such as headers to determine which words are the most relevant to give users results when browsing online for your company.

You Haven’t Properly Optimized Your Site

If you aren’t checking for spelling and grammatical errors throughout your site and if you aren’t planning the titles of your content based on the search engine performance you are hoping for, your company site is less likely to appear within the results of any search engines altogether. Choosing headers, content titles and even the type of products or services you share can help to boost search engine rankings based on the words used as well as their relevance to your market, industry or the specific demographic you want to reach.

You Aren’t Using the Right Blogging Platform

When you are using a free blogging platform or if you are simply creating web pages in plain HTML, you may be missing out on various search engine optimization tools and tricks that can be implemented with the right resources. Using a free web and blog platform such as WordPress, Joomla or even Drupal is one way for you to ensure your site is as optimized as possible without understanding any programming or coding yourself.

Using downloadable plugins and tools for CMS, or content management systems, is a way for you to quickly get any site up and running and ready for all search engines, including Google.

Your Content is Irrelevant

Any time you choose to update your company’s website with new content, be sure that it is new, interesting and relevant to any of your potential customers or current online followers your business has professionally. Updating your company website with irrelevant content is not only going to drive potential revenue and sales away from your business altogether, but it is also confusing for various search engines that virtually crawl your website to identify it automatically for placement within search engine results.

Keeping your content relevant, interesting and original can keep your audience intrigued and coming back for more, which may ultimately lead to sales or prompt future business.

articleimage199No Integration of Social Media

No Integration of Social Media

Without the use of social media it can be challenging to get your company website within the most popular search engines today, regardless of whether your business is successful in sales and revenue or not. Putting social media to use is not only a way for you to help with boosting the overall optimization of your company’s website, but it also gives you the ability to reach out to a wider and more expansive audience, which may ultimately lead to more sales and revenue from your company both online and off.

Be sure to create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Tumblr for your company to help with getting your site’s official URL submitted to search engines. Any time you register an account for your business or create a social media page to represent your company, be sure to enter the official URL into the appropriate section to submit your URL to search engines on multiple platforms simultaneously. The more you share your URL on well-known websites, online communities and social networks that are ideal for business growth today, the easier it is to ensure you are maximizing your reach online and your potential within search engine results.

The more you share on social media, the easier it is to get others and your own followers to share links and any content you have posted, boosting your site’s overall optimization and page ranking. The higher your site’s page rank is overall, the more likely it is to appear within the first page of search results for any keywords you have targeted or optimized on the site.

articleimage199No Company Information on Your Website

No Company Information on Your Website

If your company website does not have information regarding your location, telephone number, email address or any other additional contact information you wish to share with your online visitors, followers and potential customers, it may be another reason your site’s URL is not appearing within search results, especially when using a local search. If you do not include company information on your official website, it is more difficult for web crawlers and search engines to identify, label and submit your site’s content and information directly into the search engine itself, often leaving it blank and unanswered for those who are browsing online.

The more information you provide in regards to your company, its location as well as your contact information, the easier it is to ensure your website will appear within local and international search results. Be sure to properly format and list your company information and contact details not only on your official website, but also within email accounts, social media pages and any other online communities you join using the name of your business or the company itself.

Spreading the information of your location and contact information on different websites with high page rankings is one of the quickest ways to get any URL into search engines, whether you have just launched your website or if you have been running your business and online presence for years. The more proactive you are with submitting and sharing your URL, the easier it is to promote your site within search engine results.

Understanding the benefits of SEO and how imperative it is to ensure your site or blog is as optimized as possible at all times is not only a way to boost rankings and potential sales, but it also helps to spread brand awareness while improving your company’s overall reputation and credibility, regardless of the industry or field you are working in.

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