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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Managing Social Media Profiles

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As the year 2014 gains momentum, the efficacy and importance of social media channels continues to grow. And whether you are attempting to build your business brand or simply widen your sphere of influence in the online world, maintaining interesting and informative social media profiles can help you accomplish this objective. Nevertheless, lazy people may feel that their unwillingness to devote extensive energy and resources to profile development might preclude them from accomplishing their personal and/or professional goals for social media use. Yet a lackadaisical disposition need not make the cookie crumble. If you are lazy yet want to manage your social media profiles with excellence and expedience, the following four strategies can be of great help to you:

articleimage177 Use Social Media Management Tools

1. Use Social Media Management Tools.

Lazy individuals who want to ensure that their social media profiles remain in excellent condition should note that social media management tools can help. For example, Digsby offers social network support that enables users to both check their status updates and send their own updates via Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Another option is Seesmic, which operates as a social media management powerhouse that is available for almost every type of mobile device and operating system in existence. TweetDeck is another type of social media application that you can use to manage your profile. With TweetDeck, you will have the ability to customize the application such that it displays exactly what you’d like to see, whether that be Twitter mentions, wall updates, etc. One of the perks that results from TweetDeck use is the fact that you can synchronize layouts and settings across computers. TweetDeck supports a variety of social media channels, including but not limited to Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Buzz.

The social media management tools you can use to optimize your profile does not end there. Yet another tool you can use is Socialite, a social media app that monitors and updates channels such as Digg, Flickr, and Twitter. To facilitate your social media profile management processes, Socialite will organize the general dissemination of information across your networks with tools like filters and time lines so you can quickly access the information that’s most important or relevant to you. Last but certainly not least on the list of social media management tools is Hootsuite. Hootsuite provides users with an interface that enables them to view Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook in a moment. Additionally, Hootsuite enables users to set up specific times for messages to be sent so there is no need to worry about missing a loved one’s birthday or some similarly significant event. Recently, Hootsuite created a custom analytics platform that enables users to see which status updates and tweets garnered the most interest and attention as well as when people within your social network chose to look at your page.


2. Hire Professionals.

If you are serious about devoting as little time and attention as possible to social media profile management, you should consider hiring professionals to do it for you. Generally, these individuals will possess the education and experience necessary to ensure that each of your social media profiles remains in top condition (according to how you define “top condition,” of course.) You will typically be able to find social media profile management professionals in a plethora of places such as internet marketing agencies. In some cases, it may be advantageous for you to select a professional who works for a social media marketing company to maintain your profiles. This can be helpful given that these professionals often possess key insights regarding how to optimize a social media profile in order to engage the client’s target market.

articleimage177 Just Update The Photo

3. Just Update The Photo.

Individuals who want to ensure that their social media profiles remain in stellar shape without spending time on them should note that simply updating the photo can help accomplish this objective. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that research indicates that online readers are more drawn to visual media than typed text. Since this is the case, periodically updating your social media profile with an interesting and/or aesthetically appealing photo can engage your audience while simultaneously giving your profile a “current” look. The great thing about updating your social media profile photo is that it can generally be done in a matter of minutes. And for people who are just briefly glancing at your profile to see if there have been any updates, it creates the impression of constant activity and change, two very important components of social media profile management. To make the most of this technique, add a brief yet descriptive, personalized message that summarizes the photo for your audience.

4. Add A Video.

The ideology and praxis undergirding this principle parallels that of the photo strategy. Basically, adding a video to your profile is a quick way to keep it looking current. Moreover, your audience is much more likely to watch a video you post than they are to read any article links you include. To make this strategy as effective as possible, ask your audience for feedback regarding the video form and content. Once you begin engaging people in this type of way, they are more likely to spend time on your profile page, thereby boosting your conversion rates and/or popularity.

5. Adopt A “No Nonsense” Attitude.

People who don’t want to spend a ton of time managing their social media profiles don’t have to, especially if they adopt a “no nonsense” attitude when it comes to their accounts. Specifically, letting your subscribers and fans know what type of social interaction you will and will not tolerate can preclude you from having to spend time and energy deleting inappropriate comments, unfollowing people, or reporting individuals to the appropriate social media authorities. If you don’t want to have to spend your precious time monitoring your profile for the presence of messages or posts that detract from the image you’re attempting to present, make a point to let everyone know what you deem acceptable and unacceptable.

Other Considerations

People who are interested in optimizing their social media profiles generally do so for commercial or social purposes. In either event, there are other strategies that can work synergistically with the maintenance of a high quality social media profile in order to help it gain interest from the public. One of the strategies that can be employed to accomplish this objective include systematically tweeting links during prime time (5 pm ET). Like the other strategies discussed above, this type of activity is ideal for lazy people who don’t want to spend a lot of time using social media to accomplish their goals.

Summing It All Up

Although the development and maintenance of excellent social media profiles can be the key to business growth and/or the expansion of one’s online presence, many people do not have the time and internal motivation necessary to make it happen. Yet lazy people do not have to let their slothful attitude preclude them from accomplishing personal and/or professional goals through social media. By implementing some or all of the strategies outlined above, any lazy individual hoping to build and sustain an excellent social media profile can do so.

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