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What Makes Guest Blogging So Powerful?

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Guest blogging is about a lot more than just creating backlinks. It’s about creating a brand that will attract more traffic to a website. Guest blogging can make a mediocre blog more powerful because of the amount of exposure it’ll gain from a broader audience.

Content should be the main focus of any blog. Fresh and new content will generate more traffic than almost any of the other tactics. It’s efficient, and it gives your host a break from writing on their own blog unless reciprocation is immediate. When reciprocation is not immediate, guest hosts can recharge their batteries to bring newer and fresher content later to their new targeted audience.

Guest blogs are powerful because they’re free, and what other marketing tool do you know of aside from social media is free? Not many. Guest blogs can be combined with social media for even more exposure, which is the point of marketing. Guest blogging has many implications that are often overlooked but is, now, gaining more popularity. Guest blogging is worth the effort and is the wave of the future.

Make a Splash

Guest blogging has numerous benefits for gaining more exposure for your company, cause, or organization. When you guest blog on other websites with a larger audience, you can attract more visitors to your blog. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Submit a Story to Social Media


If your article is Digg or Reddit-worthy, you’ll attract a lot of visitors to your website, but it has to be exceptional and almost sensational. If you’re a good writer, you can capture the attention of millions of visitors who visit these sites daily. Many people submit dozens of submissions daily, and only some of them create content capable of achieving the desired viral effect. They are a great way to gain exposure as a guest blogger. It’s free and highly effective if the story is exceptional.

2. Submit a Story to a Major Blog

articleimage562Submit a Story to a Major Blog

If you submit a story to a major blog, you can gain significant exposure. With the exposure that you will gain from a major blog, you’ll earn more sales conversions and subscriptions that you desire. This is one of the major benefits to submitting a story to major blog.

Some of the most popular blogs include Mashable, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The Verge, GigaOM, and countless others. Any of these blogs will get millions of viewers on a frequent basis and would be a good place to entice more people to visit your blog and read more of what you have to offer.

3. Increase Your Likelihood of Acceptance

Guest blogging is preferred by many blog owners over blog linking because they will gain more from fresh ideas presented in the content than from simply linking. The blog owner will also get a break from writing constantly. A general rule of thumb, for every 10 guest blogs you apply to, you’ll only be accepted as a guest blogger on one or two of them. That’s not too bad considering the odds. As long as you’re positive, friendly, polite, enthusiastic, and demonstrate excellent writing skills, you’re more likely to win approval.

4. Increase Your Traffic by Being a Guest Blogger

articleimage562Increase Your Traffic by Being a Guest Blogger

Links can help to generate traffic to your blog. If you link to a post with a significant amount of traffic, you will get more traffic on your blog. This is why it pays to be a guest blogger. When you include a link to your blog, and you’re featured as a guest on someone else’s blog, you’re more likely to attract more traffic. The more traffic your guest blog receives, the more likely you’ll receive increased traffic and notoriety.

5. Become Established as an Authority as a Guest Blogger

The only way to become an authority as a guest blogger is to develop good content. The content must be full of well-written material that is useful and helpful in the industry. Most people begin to trust people who are on reputable sites who can also provide insightful information. When they are established as an authority, more traffic will be generated to their site. Both the guest blog and your blog will benefit from the traffic generated through the site.

6. Guest Blogging Generates Discussion

Guest blogging will generate discussion and interaction among participants. When people interact, they are more likely to become more interested in a product or service.

The guest blog is simply a foundation for the conversation, and the topics of discussion will spring from the information found in the content. New customers are found from guest blogs, and loyal customers are made from guest blogs. As conversations begin, your guest post and main blog will become more effective. Always be sure to leave room to ask stimulating questions in your blog to generate more interactivity.

7. Build Your Brand

Every blogger creates a brand for him or herself when content is created. Are you informative? Are you straightforward? Can you provide insider information that no other blogger can? The answers to these questions are ways that you can delineate yourself from the competition and show why you’re a source of information for your particular niche.

You can also set the stage as being a complementary source of information for what can be found on your host’s blog. This is an excellent way to improve your writing style and create a brand for yourself. When people like your style and begin to notice your writing everywhere, they’ll seek you out because they view you as an authority figure, and they like the way you write.

8. It’s Free Advertising!

There’s nothing like free advertising. As a guest blogger, you essentially have the chance to target an audience for the price of a single blog. You’ll only pay for the time it takes to develop it. All of the exposure you gain is free. You’ll also generate more traffic for your host also. Nothing can beat free advertising, and it’s even more fun when you write about topics that you’re passionate about.

9. Hopes of Future Reciprocation

If you guest blog on your host’s blog, you may also ask that author to guest blog on your blog. A reciprocal post breaks the monotony of your writing style and posts and gets more readers interested with fresh and new content. There is also a chance that another guest blogger will also link to your blog which will expose your post and blog to an even wider audiences. The opportunities are endless with this type of guest blogging.

10. Potential to Raise Search Engine Ranking Positions

Google Panda or Penguin and other ranking tools are finicky algorithms. There is always some new criteria being added daily. If you want to increase your search engine ranking position, you should create fresh new content frequently and also ensure that it’s keyword-rich. This is not always easy when you’ve written for the same post for a long period of time. Guest bloggers will generate new traffic and potentially have more favor in the eyes of the ranking algorithm. Every blogger should be cognizant of search engine ranking position to generate more traffic from search engines.

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    HI daniel, thanks for valuable post regarding guest blogging, i was try to do guest blogging, but am failure in that, please help me how can i post the articles in to bogs. that will useful to my website.

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