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Marketing on YouTube: 5 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Should Use It

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Affiliate marketing remains one of the best ways for newbie Internet marketers to generate income quickly online. And it’s super simple.

Compared to other means for affiliate marketers to get the word out about their products, marketing on YouTube is still one of the best available techniques. Remarkably, it hasn’t been fully embraced by many affiliate marketers.

The reason?

Affiliate marketers still have not grasped how powerful video can be. Not only do many of them take video marketing for granted but, to be honest, they are probably a little afraid of it.

The technology frightens a lot of people. They fear that by using a technology they know so little about, they run the huge risk of wasting precious dollars and ultimately failing.

But the truth of the matter is, marketing on YouTube is so simple that there’s almost nothing to it.

Sure, you should still use more conventional online marketing techniques like email blasts, blogging, and social media marketing.

However, as Andy Jenkins, the Video Boss, tells Internet marketers, video marketing makes more money than anything else. This is actually one of those irrefutable marketing laws.

Let’s take a look at why affiliate marketers should incorporate video into their marketing campaigns and take advantage of YouTube as a sales tool. Here are 5 reasons you should find compelling.

1. YouTube is getting 3 billion views per day!

Imagine that. YouTube is the most-visited online video portal in the world, and there’s no sign that that number is going to decline. There’s also no sign that the number of videos being uploaded on YouTube will diminish any time soon, either. Traffic to YouTube continues to be overwhelming and unstoppable.

Imagine this: Just a small chunk of those 3 billion views per day for your marketing videos would be more than enough to do wonders for your business.

2. It’s owned by good ole’ Google.

Google displays video results for most search results nowadays. And guess where those video results are mostly coming from. Exactly! That is why it’s crucial to create keyword-optimized videos on YouTube for your campaigns to have a shot at claiming the top spot on Google’s first page.

3. Marketing on YouTube is totally FREE.

If you’re a budding affiliate marketer who is working on a tight budget, your worries are over. YouTube is totally free. Everyone hopes it will stay that way, because with it, you get maximum exposure at no extra cost to you.

4. YouTube allows you to include links so you can point viewers toward your affiliate material.

It can’t get any cooler than that! You can now sell stuff directly on YouTube. The site allows for annotations and descriptions which include links that point to affiliate sites. That’s why, when you create descriptions for your YouTube videos, you should take the opportunity to call your consumers to act and click your affiliate links.

5. You have a golden opportunity to get ahead — WAY ahead — of the competition.

Many marketers today, even some of the more seasoned Internet sellers, still don’t get it. Some of them are afraid of the technology or the supposed cost of creating marketing videos for YouTube.

Because of that, you have a ridiculously wonderful chance to zip way out in front and grab a choke hold on the market.

If you are a budding affiliate marketer, now is the right time to take advantage of marketing on YouTube and see results in less time than it would take with any other conventional marketing methods.


As an affiliate marketer, you should take advantage of marketing on YouTube to get the word out more effectively about your business and profit from the exercise.

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